Lately it doesn’t feel like the day is complete without a daily dose of ‘The Avengers’ news and although we’ve already gave you one spoiler today, here’s an exclusive clip released by MSN UK for you to enjoy.

There is no role call or head count or even anything blown up or demolished. What this clip has is an insightful exchange of words between Nick Fury and Loki. Loki’s sinister calm taunting in this clip reminds you why Tom Hiddleston got the part of Thor’s half-brother and Samuel L. Jackson…well, he’s Samuel L. Jackson! Need I say more?

In the clip, Fury is interrogating Loki in a large holding cell designed for someone much stronger and greener than him. They discuss the reason why Loki is on Earth, how desperate Fury is, and the nature of power.

As much as I enjoy the snarkiness of Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.), I like this clip as it demonstrates the real tension of Loki’s actions and its effects of the superhero team. Watch the clip below and let me know if you agree!

There’s not much longer to wait as ‘The Avengers’ will be appearing in theaters on April 26th in the UK and May 4th in the US.

‘The Avengers’ Loki Imprisoned Clip: