This is a full recap, so if you don’t like spoilers, please watch the show and come back and read this afterward.

The gang, Hal, Kilowog, Aya and Razer locate the Red Lantern Mother Ship.  The GLs are on total maximum guard.  A cloud of waste spews forth and Kilowog notes that it’s like “clockwork.”  Razer responds with a slow sarcastic clap and says, “Congratulations.  After weeks of stalking Shard, you’ve unlocked the secret of when they dump their garbage.”   Hal responds that they are gathering all the intell they can.  Razer responds that Atrocitus would be coming after them relentlessly, even if it meant his own death.  He raises his fist and his Red Power Ring glows then fades.  He is almost out of energy.  He leaves, but warns them, they’ll have no victory if they aren’t willing to die for their cause.

He sneaks out of the ship, but Aya, who literally is the ship sees him through a security camera and confronts him in space.  She tries reasoning with him and tells him she knows he is not evil.  “Then you don’t know me at all,” he says before detonating a bomb on the ship.

Back on board, the systems are rapidly failing.  Aya scans and says most systems are close to nominal.  Hal orders a hard reboot.  With things in hand, Aya informs them that Razer sabotaged the ship and went off into space.  Hal surmises that he is headed to Shard.  And he’s right!

Razer lands on the Mother Ship, in Battery Park, home of their main Power Battery, but is attacked by his fellow Red Lanterns who think he’s an intruder.  When he lifts his head and they see who he is, Bleez says, “But you’re dead!  We went to your memorial service!  You died a hero.”  More to himself, Razer replies, “Not yet… but soon” as his power glow fades and his armor vanishes.  Bleez then radios Atrocitus and tells him Razer has returned.  Atrocitus sends Zilius Zox to “prepare a proper welcome for our Razer.”  Zilius powers down the main lantern just as Razer lifts his ring to it and recites the Red Lantern Oath.  (Which is decidedly toned down from the comic version!)

He then goes before Atrocitus and tells him he was captured by the GLs.  He says he gained their trust then blew up their ship.  “I could only think of being here.  By your side.  So I could do this!”  He stabs Atrocitus in the back with a ring construct dagger.  Or not!  It fades before it can strike Atrocitus who slugs Razer and sends him flying.  Once more, Razer’s Red Lantern armor fades.  Atrocitus tricked him, by powering down the Lantern so that he could learn Razer’s true intentions.  “What you received was a mere light show.  Now tell me, what have you really been doing all this time.””

Kilowog feels vindicated in his distrust of Razer, but Hal rationalizes, “Why didn’t he just kill us when he had the chance?”  He points out that the diversion was very elaborate and Aya concurs that it was “nearly undetectable.”  The three Lanterns hide on the back of an asteroid and head toward the Red Lantern Mother Ship.

Atrocitus has Razer imprisoned and advises, “If you trust no one, Razer, you’re never disappointed.”  He connects his own Lantern to power Razer’s “interrogation.”  Atrocitus wants every bit of information Razer has gathered about the Green Lanterns.  Zalius tells Razer the torture interrogation can go quick or slow.  “I hope you choose slow.”  He fires up the device and red energy courses through Razer’s body.

As he screams, a defense cannon is struck by a small rock setting off the automated defenses.  The asteroid the GLs are hiding behind is destroyed, but their rings protect them, just as the Mother Ship dumps it’s waste, “like clockwork.”  In go the Lanterns.

Razer screams, before finally telling Atrocitus he’ll talk.  Instead, he spits in Zilius’ face.  Atrocitus approaches and punches him in the stomach.  He then orders Zilius to schedule Razer’s execution.

The GLs avoid the guards and sneak about the ship.  Hal asks Aya if she remembers the plan, to which she replies, “I am less likely to forget than you, Green Lantern  Hal.”  Duh!  She’s an AI!  She separates herself into small, insectoid nanobots and crawls into a small opening.  “I forgot she could do that,” Kilowog mutters.  A patrol walks past and Hal and Kilowog ambush them.  Aya reaches a computer panel and reconstructs herself and links up to it.

Han and Luke style, Hal and Kilowog disguise themselves in the patrolmen’s armor… well, that was the plan, anyway.  Kilowog is too big to fit.  Hal must distract Cleric Loran, a holy man who worships Atrocitus.  Hal observes an ornate stain glass window and asks Cleric Loran to explain them to him.  Loran tells him of the planet Ysmault, where the Guardians of the Universe arrived and offered the inhabitants anything they desired, in exchange for their worship.  When the native people refused, the Guardians unleashed their automated killing machines, the Manhunters, on them.  Atrocitus came and empowered the people with the strength to gain revenge with the Power of Rage.  Then two more guards arrive.  Hal has them bluffed but then Kilowog stumbles out of his hiding place.  “Hold your fire,” Hal cries.  He leans over Kilowog and whispers, “Do you trust me?” Kilowog doesn’t have time to answer, before Hal punches him in the face.

Atrocitus and Zilius have Razer trussed up and are about to execute him, when Hal interrupts. “I just caught this stinking Green Lantern in your shrine.”  He flings Kilowog at Atrocitus’ feet and Kilowog groans, “Oooooh boy.”  Atrocitus tells Hal that he can execute Kilowog at the same time Zilius cuts off Razer’s head.  The two prisoners are on their knees, face-to-face, when Kilowog gives Razer a wink.  Hal then says, “Aya, now!”  The ship’s power controls overload and the Red Lanterns are ordered to the ship’s interior safe zones.  The room fills with steam.  Hal frees Razer, who is NOT happy to see them.  “Do you even have a plan to get out of here?” he snaps.

The Lanterns take out Atrocitus’ guards.  He then realizes “It’s a trick!”  He unleashes a burst of energy that clears the steam.  When he spots Hal, he snarls, “YOU!”  He unleashes a powerful blasts, knocking the GLs and Razer back.  Hal and Kilowog battle Atrocitus and Zilius, while Razer runs and charges his red ring.  The good guys gain the upper hand, but red reinforcements arrive.  Kilowog holds them off, while Hal says to Razer, “I know you’d willingly die today, but do you have the strength to live for a cause?  Because we could sure use you right now.”  The three fly out a busted window.  Atrocitus orders Zilius after them. “I don’t want prisoners!” he commands.

Aya disables the Mother Ship’s shields to allow their craft to enter.  “My own arrival may be delayed.  I am currently downloading a large file.”  She is interrupted by Atrocitus!

Zilius and his guards pursue Hal, Kilowog and Razer through the catacombs of the Mother Ship which bears a strong resemblance to those on the Death Star.  Kilowog has had enough and powers up and unleashes a massive counter attack.  He takes out Zilius and his guards, but another Red Lantern, Skallox, catches him by surprise from above.  Skallox drives him through several large structures, but Kilowog’s still in the game and grabs him by the horns and flings him.  The Red Lantern has him down and is about to make his killing strike, when Hal arrives and knocks him back.  Kilowog is injured but conscious.  “Aya, ETA in 30 seconds.  Where are you?”

A large projection of Atrocitus appears over the city.  “Your plan didn’t work, Guardian lap dog.”  He holds up an unconscious Aya, her arm ripped off.  He orders Hal to meet him at Battery Square.  Razer tells Hal to get Kilowog to the ship and let him retrieve Aya.  Hal argues, but Razer rationalizes that their rings won’t be enough to get them off the Mother Ship.  They need their craft.  They need Hal to get Kilowog on board and prep it for the escape.  “You’re always going on about having the courage not to fight.  So do you have the courage to leave this to me?” Razer asks.  Hal replies, “Don’t make me regret it.”

Razer finds Atrocitus in Battery Square with a badly dismantled Aya.  Atrocitus flings her at him then blasts him with his ring.  The two Red Lanterns battle as small drones pursue Hal and the weakened Kilowog, but they manage to board their ship and head toward Battery Square.  Atrocitus expresses his disappointment in Razer.  “I had such high ambitions when I created you.”  “You didn’t create me!  I did!  If only I’d listened to…” he pauses.  Atrocitus taunts, “If only you’d listened to your sad, little farm girl?” before blasting him and knocking him back.  Atrocitus tells him that it was he who invaded his world and set its warlords against one another, to create destruction and hate.  “When I saw you only needed a nudge to become a truly hateful creature, then I sealed your fate.  It was I who slaughtered your precious Elena.”  Razer explodes with the power of Rage, engulfing himself in red flame and unleashing a devastating barrage, knocking Atrocitus unconscious!  Seething, he approaches Atrocitus and is about to fire a kill shot, when Aya awakens, her voice crackling from her injuries.  She tells him, she has vital information, but in her damaged state, she can’t make it on her own.  She asks him for help, but he refuses.  His ring glows brighter, trained on Atrocitus.  “You die now.”

“If we do not leave now, we will all die.” Aya tells him.  He looks up and sees the ship, the drones still chasing it.  Razer gazes down at Atrocitus once more, then powers down and scoops up Aya… and Atrocitus’ lantern!  They board the ship and escape.

Hal asks Aya if she is alright.  She says her repairs will take some time, but that that is inconsequential.  Hal tells off Razer for letting Atrocitus know that they are all still alive.  Their lives are in danger now because of him.  Aya interrupts them by saying that’s she has broken Atrocitus’ encryption.  She reveals a hologram of hundreds of Red Lantern war ships!

Man, this episode should be a drinking game!  Do a shot of green Midori every time there’s a Star Wars reference!  How many were there?  They sneak through the waste disposal port, they skulk around through under passage ways, Hal and Kilowog dress up as “Stormtroopers,” the race through the catacombs.  Atrocitus and Razer’s battle dialogue was soooo Vader/Luke!  And of course, it’s all about Razer controlling his “Dark Side” or in this case “Rage.”  Someone may or may not have kissed their sibling full-on the lips.  Okay that didn’t happen.  You could even compare Aya, a wise green being to Yoda!  It is she that urges Razer to release his rage to save the two of them.

In a lot of ways, Razer’s journey has led him directly to this point.  Does he kill Atrocitus, thus surrendering to his rage?  Well, he almost did.  But, he didn’t.  This was a very pivotal episode for Razer, for sure.  I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing, eventually Razer will convert to serving as a Green Lantern.

The other big reveal this episode was the dark history of the Guardians, which mirrors similar “corruptions” in their ranks in the comics.  All is not Kosher with those short, big-headed blue guys!

Another solid episode, in my opinion.  The characters mesh well and contrast each other perfectly.  It was a little Hal-Lite, but he’s the star of the show.  He can share from time to time and this way, his co-stars get their time to shine and grow into characters fans care about.

What do you think?  Has Razer redeemed himself?  Comment below!

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