At the end of ‘Green Lantern’ #7, both Sinestro and Hal Jordan had been captured by the Indigo Tribe. But to what purpose? Since even before DC’s New 52 relaunch, all readers have ever really learned of the Indigo Tribe is that their rings are powered by compassion, they don’t speak English, and their leader is referred to simply as Indigo-1. This issue, we finally begin to get some answers behind this mysterious branch of the Lantern spectrum.

As the issue opens, Sinestro is in chains and is being told by Indigo-1 and some of the other Tribe members that he is to be prepared for “conversion”. Indigo-1 tells Sinestro that after his conversion, he will feel something that he has never felt before… compassion.

Meanwhile in another cell within the Indigo Tribe’s facility (planet?), Hal Jordan is face to face with his ex-nemesis Black Hand. Hand now sports an Indigo Tribe  symbol on his costume and explains to Hal that the Tribe converted him. Ahhhh! So now we know what their plans for Sinestro are… to turn him into one of them! Of course the idea of forced “conversion” makes one wonder if the entire Tribe is made up of these converted villains or if any of them actually were able to feel great compassion to begin with. I guess we’ll find out as this storyline moves forward.

But back to the story at hand. Both Sinestro and Hal make valiant escape attempts only to make several shocking discoveries about the Indigo Tribe, the planet on which they are being held, and even a dark secret concerning an important character in Hal Jordan’s mythos.

Geoff Johns has crafted an intriguing tale that is the literary equivalent of opening a puzzle box. Each new revelation brings us closer to the heart of the story and the truth that the Indigo Tribe is not just a misguided group of Lanterns converting ex-villains to their cause. They are something more linked to Sinestro and the Green Lanterns that we’ve come to know… and possibly something much darker and different.

This issue is a great read and this arc is one of the better of the New 52 Green Lantern titles title so far.

Verdict: Buy

Written by GEOFF JOHNS