If you were a superstitious person you might say that right off the bat, the movie ‘The Last Days of Mars’ seems cursed. First off, it bears the moniker “of Mars” and we all know what happened to “Ghosts…” and “John Carter…” that had that doomed title. Add to that that the director attached to the project, Ruairi Robinson, was once set to direct the live-action US bastardization of the classic Japanese film ‘Akira’.

Well… curses aside, ‘The Last Days of Mars’ is moving forward and already has its first three cast members. Sally Hawkins (‘Happy Go Lucky’), Romola Garai (‘Atonement’), and Liev Schreiber (‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine) have been cast as “a group of astronauts lost on a space station”.

Okay… so the cast seems pretty decent. I like Hawkins and Schreiber. I don’t know too much about Garai so I can’t speak to that one. And director definitely has the goods going for him. Robinson’s short film ‘Fifty Percent Grey’ was nominated for an Oscar. And better yet, he made the fantastic short film ‘Blinky’ starring Max Records (‘Where the Wild Things Are’) that took the internet by storm about this time last year.

According to Bleeding Cool, the script for ‘The Last Days of Mars’ (like that for ‘Blinky’) involves not just sci-fi but some tense horror elements as well. Keep your eyes peeled here as we get more info.