When Stephanie Thorpe posted an image of an ElfQuest comic panel on Twitter, she didn’t know it would end up with her creating a fan imagining of the beloved series. However, fellow fan Paula Rhodes saw the Tweet and being that they were both capable of bring a story to life in a web series format… it was meant to be. The two women funded the project through IndieGoGo, and ElfQuest fans around the world pitched in to raise over $7,000 for the fan imagining.

Fans are itching for any opportunity to see these characters brought to the screen. Rumors have abounded about an ElfQuest movie for years. Warner Bros. currently holds the rights, and though there seems to be forward progress, it is slow. Thorpe and Rhodes wanted to get their vision out to the world to give fans a point to rally around. The buzz that is building up around this trailer will hopefully get the big studio’s attention. ElfQuest fans do want to see a movie, and they will show support for it. So far, the teaser for the full trailer has received 50,000 views. It looks like it’s on the right track.

The full length fan trailer (you could call it a short) was released on April 6. There are over 30 years of ElfQuest comics to pull stories and characters from, and Thorpe and Rhodes decided to go to the beginning. You’ll also notice that the elves are all female in the trailer. It was a way of putting a different spin on things, and it works well. If you are a fan of ElfQuest, you’ll notice some scenes directly from the comic. If you aren’t a fan of ElfQuest, watch the trailer and then get over to ElfQuest.com; you can read them all online for free.

Visit the official site for cast and crew information as well as production/behind the scenes stills.