We knew it was a matter of time!  From the moment it was announced that Keiynan Lonsdale would be joining ‘The Flash’ as Wally West, fans began speculating on how he would be related to the West family (since he obviously wasn’t the nephew of Iris as the character is in the comics) and perhaps more importantly, WHEN he would become Kid Flash.

The answers were made clear in Season 2, when Wally was revealed to be the son of Joe West and his ex-wife Francine, who left her family after becoming pregnant.  In Season 2, Wally reunited with his family but it wasn’t an easy process fitting in, especially with Joe’s surrogate son Barry.  But over time, Wally warmed up to Barry and even discovered that he was The Flash and became part of Team Flash.

At the end of the finale episode things were left up in the air after Barry traveled back in time to save his mother from dying.  We already know that the upcoming seasons of both ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ will be impacted by the storyline called ‘Flashpoint’ which addresses how Barry’s actions changed the future.  It’s entirely possible that Wally’s transformation will come as a result of that.

In the meantime, The CW has revealed two new images of Lonsdale fully suited up as Kid Flash.  Check them out:



The costume quite frankly looks excellent!  It’s the perfect mixture of the classic comic book design (which happens to one of my favorites of all time), but brought to life in the same more realistic and practical leather material as the rest of the Flarrowverse characters.

It’s unclear if Wally will remain Kid Flash or if this is just a result of Barry’s time tampering.

What do you think?  Are you excited that Wally will become Kid Flash?  How do you think he looks in the suit?

Source: Comic Book Movie