Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Mind is BLOWN! Jaw is dropped! I can’t believe what I just watched! So much Fae goodness all wrapped into one hour! Note to the writers of the world – THAT is how you write a season finale! Saskia is…. Bo is…. Trick did what?! Kenzi said that?! Dyson… well Dyson’s shirtless twice!

Here be some Faetastic SPOILERS….

Our episode starts with a nice sultry “mmmmmmm” as Bo and Dyson heat up the bed, again. Bo doesn’t seem too bothered by the fact that last episode she caught “Saskia riding [Dyson] like a theme park ride.” Too bad he flips Bo over to find Saskia riding him again. What the… and then he wakes startled. At least he’s still in Bo’s bed. Bo’s acting like a teen – all excited about being the best girlfriend ever by successfully using her new succubus reverse suck action.  Dyson looks and feels all guilty but it’s not because of Saskia. And he just comes out with it… Saskia, aka Aife, is Bo’s mom! What?! Really? Holy! Ok I can see the resemblance.

Where’s our mommy dearest? Why she’s in an alley head-butting a light Fae gent after which she requests of him to, “Be a friend and scootch back a foot or two.” “Why?” (Stab) “New shoes.” She says as she avoids the pool of blood he’s now leaking on the ground. Saskia then makes a check in a notepad “One down boys. Let’s go start ourselves a war.”

“Oh Sven you romantic pirate bastard you” as Kenzi reads a book called Pillaged Booty but quickly switches to a comic book (Kenz sweetie, how is that better?) as Bo and Dyson come down fighting and flinging words like “mom, Saskia.”  Kenzi goes to leave but, “or I can stay. Staying is good. Quiet as a bunny.” We can see the pain in Dyson’s eyes. He never wanted to keep all of this from Bo, and he wants to tell her more but it Trick’s story to tell.

Bo needs to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Trick doesn’t have a happy tale to tell. “I failed her.” The Fae were at war. He had to go so far as to use his blood to write the laws and bring the peace (hence the title Blood King). As a blood sage, what ever he writes in his own blood comes to pass.  After the peace, Saskia was caught while leading a small clan rebellion and killing a Dark Fae leader.  She was able to escape. Trick had to make a very hard decision; would he protect and hide Saskia, a fellow clan member or would he turn her over to the Dark to keep the peace from spiraling back into war? He did what he felt he had to do – he gave Saskia to the Dark Fae Lord to be executed. Sacrificing one for the good of the whole is one of those reasons Kings make the big bucks.

Bo instantly wants to find Saskia. She wants to hear her side. Trick and Dyson want her to run. They both want to protect her. Bo just found her MOM! There’s no way she’s running before she gets some one-on-one time.

Back at the succu-mansion, “I just need a recap to make sure I got everything right,” – don’t we all Kenzi – “Saskia is really Aife. Aife is really your mother. And last night Dyson really… reeeeally banged your mom.” This entire scene is filled with Kenzi line goodness! I really need to just transcript the entire episode. You really MUST watch this episode. Really. But back to Bo and Kenzi… Bo is so torn over what to do. She’s so excited to have finally found a living blood relative! “I know she’s kind of a big crazy b*tch, but still she’s my mom and she’s alive.” With the good comes the bad. She’s found a bit of her history but she’s also learned that Dyson and Trick lied to her. She thinks they’re still holding out on her. She can’t trust anyone. Of course she can still trust our gal Kenz but where does she go to find Saskia? Who can teach her how to protect herself? I guess the answer is the lesser of three deceivers, Lauren.

At the doc-shop, “Who’s captain dead guy?” It’s the Light Fae elder from the alley with a gapping stab wound in his chest. The Light Fae compound is in a bit of flutter. They seem to think this was a Dark Fae hit. Bo asks Lauren to buy her time to find out more, oh and how do succubae fight one another? “Slow motion pillow fights? Crotch lasers?” Kenzi has all the answers. Our doc doesn’t have a clue but she promises to find out IF Bo will let her have that “talk” they’ve needed to have for so long. Bo relents. She can’t stay mad at Lauren forever.

Kenzi meets up with Hale. “Wow mama! Look at you! Wow your hair! It’s nice and streaky and relaxed and forgiving…” Yup, you guessed it – it’s a setup. Hale lured Kenzi into a wolf trap. “Nice Brutus!” Dyson is desperate. Bo won’t return his calls. (can Bo and Dyson get anymore coupley?!?!) “I don’t want to talk to you! Shoo!” Kenzi wants nothing to do with the him. “I don’t even want to listen to you, liar liar wolf pants on fire.” But in a heart crushing, not even Harlequin Romance could get this aaaww Kenzi stops and asks, “Why the hell would I ever trust you around Bo again?!” Wait for it….. “Because I love her.” O.M.G. Heart flail! Dyson you just set the bar for every man out there. Take notes guys!

Bo returns home to find the succubus version of June Cleaver wearing an apron and baking cookies. What is Saskia up to? She tries to explain what she was doing with Dyson. She just wanted to make Dyson one of her thralls to get closer to Bo. “Besides, he’s not good enough for my little girl. A mother knows these things.” (Continuity notation – when did Saskia learn that Bo found out the mom secret? I missed that part. Post in the comments if you have the answer.) While they’re chatting Bo’s been munching on the cookies. Really Bo? What possessed you to eat cookies made by a lying, crazy woman that was riding your boyfriend the night before? Night night Bo. Out go her lights.

Bo wakes in a hell most women would be ok being in – a lush bedroom surrounded by bohunk, half dressed, Chippendales! Mom and daughter finally get to have that heart-to-heart talk. Bo, she just drugged and kidnapped you! Why are you just sitting around chatting? Long, long ago, Saskia was given to the Dark Fae Lord as Trick told but instead of executing her he kept Saskia for his entertainment. What Dark Fae Lord would waste a good succubus? So Saskia was tortured for centuries. But why didn’t she use her abilities to turn the Lord? Easy, he had an amulet the bound his chi to his body. It worked like kryptonite against a succubus. Something clicks in Bo’s head. “Was he my father?” Saskia gets a little more than angry and won’t answer the question. In an attempt to win Bo over, Saskia reveals her master plan. She wants to take down the Fae. She wants to end the division between Light and Dark. “Right, so what you. Me. And your himbo army are going to take down the Fae as they flee from us and our male models?”

Cut to one said “himbo” as he walks into the Light Fae elder’s meeting. Much to everyone’ surprise he blows up.

Bo is NOT in agreement with Saskia’s methods and tries to leave. Bo surrounded by himbos, “You said I was free to go.” Saskia sneers, “Now consider yourself grounded.” So out the window Bo goes.

Bo and Kenzi arrive at the doc box to find the Ash has been severely wounded and Lauren franticly helping with the evacuation. Lauren knows of the succubus kryptonite amulet and gives Bo the key to the Light Fae vault. In the chaos of the evacuation, no one will know if Bo and Kenzi sneak in. Once inside the vault, Kenzi is relieved, “I thought there’d be guard dragons. What?! These people are very freaky. You never know.” This room has GOT to be a Kenzi dream of sparkles! I don’t see her pocket anything but that doesn’t mean she didn’t. She’s sneaky like that.  Kenzi is the first to find the amulet. “Jack and pot b*tches!” They can’t just take everyone’s word that this amulet is going to work. So, just for all you #Kenzbo fans, Bo has to test it by laying a wet one on Kenzi! It works. Bo chokes on the black chi.

Let the b*tch fight begin! Bo goes straight to Saskia’s to confront her.

Here is where all kinds of madness takes place! While Bo is dancing with her mom, Dyson is making a deal with the Norn, an ancient that grants desires at a price. Dyson has been to the Norn before. “When last we met, what did you ask for?” Dyson replies, “My wolf.” Whatever he was asking for wasn’t worth that great a sacrifice. This time he kneels before the Norn. He is willing to give up his WOLF for Bo?! Men of the world you are so screwed. That is love. “If you give my strength to Bo, you can take anything you need.” Oh Dyson, that was not the right answer. Instead of his wolf, “I will take from you that which you value the most. I will take your love of her!” And then in an excruciatingly painful blue light she takes his love. I think I actually felt the pain in my chest.

Back at the mommy-daughter cat fight, Bo’s eyes turn gold like a wolf and the tide turns in her favor. In a wild swirl Saskia is tossed through the banister and dangles from Bo’s hand three stories above a tile floor.

While Dyson is getting love ripped from his chest and Bo is trying not to die, Trick caves under the heavy guilt trip from Kenzi. He gets his penknife, cuts his hand and begins to write. As the runes are written, a change takes place in Saskia. A rune appears on her forehead. The bitterness fades from her face. She is Aife once again. She smiles up at Bo. She wants Bo to let go. She tells Bo to talk to Trick, he knows more of the story, he knows it all. She forces Bo to drop her. Bo and Kenzi race to the bottom only to find no body. “What the Houdini? What the hell did she do, fly off with a broom?”

Later at the succu-mansion, Bo and Kenzi decompress from yet another day in the life of a lost girl. Bo doesn’t have a clue who to trust now (other than Kenz). She knows Dyson helped her somehow. She could feel him. [a pain stricken Dyson wolfs out in the woods] She knows she can’t trust Trick any longer. [a passed out Trick slumps in a chair as blood runs off his arm] And she thinks Aife is still alive somewhere, “like a cockroach after the apocalypse baby, evil never dies.” [a seemingly lifeless Aife is being carried down a hall by a mysterious strange man].

THAT was a season finale! I cannot believe all that happened in that episode! What do you think is in store for season 2?

Stay Fae y’all!

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