Last issue in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #682, a terminally ill Doctor Octopus revealed that he had a series of satellites in orbit above the Earth and that it was his plan to put an end to global warming before he kicks the bucket. Of course, Spider-Man has dealt with the multi-armed madman enough to know that there’s no way that Octavius wants to save the world. And since Spidey knows that Doc Ock is working with his pals in the Sinister Six, he calls on his pals and teammates in the Avengers to help stop whatever the villain is up to.

As this issue opens, we’re given a flashback scene where the Sinister Six is traveling the world to claim various weapons and magical artifacts as part of Doctor Octopus’ plan. After the objects are in the villains’ possession, Doc Ock declares that, “This world is mine.”

Back in the current day, an emergency summit has been called with all of the world leaders and the greatest minds of the age to discuss the possibility that Doctor Octopus might actually be able to stop global warming. After both Al Gore and Steven Hawking speak on the idea that Octopus’ idea could actually work, the world starts to come to the conclusion that they can’t ignore the potential.

Enter Spider-Man and the Avengers. Spidey, with Captain America and Thor to back him up, crashes the meeting and informs the summit attendees that Doctor Octopus is up to something nefarious. The Avengers’ appearance causes Octavius to speed up his plan and, while I won’t reveal exactly what that plan is here… the end result is the Avengers vs the Sinister Six in an epic throwdown! As this issue comes to a close, things have taken a turn that shows exactly how big the ‘Ends of the Earth’ story arc is going to be.

I am so happy that Dan Slott is writing this title for Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary year and having Spidey face off against his greatest villains one last time before Doc Ock dies is a brilliant move! Between this new arc and the recently-ended ‘Spider-Island’, Slott has cemented his spot as one of the great writers of event comics. I just hope that doesn’t mean he’ll jump ship and start writing those events any time soon. I’m a bit biased, but I want Slott to stay with ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ for as long as possible.

And the art from Stefano Caselli is a wonderful fit for the epic scale of this arc. He handles the Avengers / Sinister Six showdown with a finesse that would be right at home in the bigger event of the summer in ‘Avengers vs X-Men’. But, like Slott, I’m glad that Caselli is working on Spider-Man instead.

Verdict: Buy

Written by DAN SLOTT