Last issue, Miles defeated The Ringer, but was entangled in his… er, rings… and was confronted by police Captain Quaid.  Quaid demands information from Miles and threatens to unmask him.  Quaid tells Miles he worked with the previous Spider-Man, the deceased Peter Parker, but that at least Parker had hit puberty.  He tells Miles to go home because “It’s a school night.”  Miles finally works his way out of the rings and leaves and the police take The Ringer into custody.

The Prowler, secretly Miles’ Uncle Aaron, returns to his lair, formerly that of The Tinkerer, whom he murdered.  He is then confronted by The Scorpion who is looking for revenge, but Aaron is armed with The Tinkerer’s “good toys.”  He shocks them all with electricity, then razor “feathers.”  Nevertheless, The Scorpion is too physically powerful and Aaron flees.

One of the faculty members at Miles’ school is ordering the kids to bed, but realizes that Miles isn’t there.  Ganke tries to cover, but their third roommate Judge almost gives them away by saying he hasn’t seen Miles in hours.  The teacher checks the bathroom, then when he returns to the boys’ room, Miles is suddenly present.  Obviously, suspicions are raised.  Judge asks to be let in on the secret, but Miles and Ganke remain tight lipped.  The boys, unable to talk, text each other about Miles’ exploits.  Then, Miles receives a text from Uncle Aaron, asking for one favor… we all know what that’s going to be!

I love this book!  Miles is so likeable and easy to identify with.  Ganke is fun, but doesn’t get a large role this issue.  I JUST figured out that Uncle Aaron is the Uncle Ben concept turned on its head.  Uncle Ben inspired Peter Parker to be a better man.  Uncle Aaron is a scumbag.  Hat’s off to Bendis for such a subtle twist.  I always praise the dialogue in this book and it shines in the interrogation scene between Miles and Capt. Quaid.

The art is excellent!  The scene of Aaron fleeing from his battle with The Scorpion really stood out to me, with him silhouetted against the full moon, then the tight closeup of his eye, full of terror.  It was great!  Everything in this book was.

Anyone who is avoiding this book out of Peter Parker purism is really missing out.  Miles Morales out-Peter Parkers Peter Parker!

Verdict: Buy

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by David Marquez
Cover by Kaare Andrews