One of the only major disappointments (IMO) of the MCU at the moment is the fact that although technically everything exists in the same universe (the Netflix shows, the ABC shows, and the films), there is very little crossover between the worlds. Sure, a few lines of dialogues about the Avengers, or a remark about another super-hero here and there, but otherwise, we never see any of the actors cross over anymore. Things like the rumored Daredevil appearance in ‘Civil War,’ or a flashback to Matt Murdock’s past where he meets a young Sky from ‘Agents of SHIELD’ at the orphanage. These things are alluded to, but it is frustrating that company politics are preventing us from actually getting the full, immersive and intertwined MCU we once thought Marvel was building.

And it is not just the fans who are disappointed about this.  While on the panel at Nerd HQ, Phil Coulson himself, Clark Gregg commented on what show he would be most excited to get the chance to appear on as Coulson, as well as noting what exactly stops the ‘Agents of SHIELD’ characters from crossing over.

“Because it was one of my favorite comics as a teen, I would have said Daniel Rand, Iron Fist, but suddenly there’s a gigantic invisible force-field barrier called “Corporate Stuff.” Unless, who knows, maybe we will develop a weapon that will break through that, and get me over to Netflix for a minute. I would like that, I would like that. But if that barrier came down, then God knows I’d want to talk to Luke Cage. After seeing that footage… oh, yeah. Absolutely. [Mike] Colter‘s a beast.”

Yep, it seems that since Marvel TV and Marvel Films are under different parts of Disney, there is a barrier preventing characters from crossing over at the moment. To be fair, I am sure that the company is well aware of this complaint and is working to correct it at some point in the future, and if the only MCU issue is a lack of crossover between film and TV than there are clearly far worse things that could be happening (I’m looking at you DC/Warner Bros). But still, it  is something that fans and the actors would like to see addressed, and I only hope Disney is paying attention to that demand.