Sony has announced that D.J. Caruso is now in final negotiations to direct the sci-fi disaster film ‘Inveritgo’ which already has a 2014 release date.

Caruso has just finished production on his coming of age film ‘Goat Island’ and ‘Invertigo’ would mark a return to the sci-fi genre for him. Although ‘Disturbia,’ his modern re-imaging of Hitchcock’s thriller ‘Rear Window,’ was met with success, his follow up film ‘I Am Number 4’ had left much to be desired.

The script is from Ehren Kruger (‘Transformers 2 and 3’, ‘The Ring’, ‘The Ring 2’, ‘Scream 3’) and Bradley Cramp and is about a long lost NASA space probe that “mysteriously crash lands in New York City, apparently under the influence of a “dark energy” force that drives the universe’s expansion. But the scientific curiosity soon becomes a disaster of cataclysmic proportions as Earth’s own gravity is disrupted and eventually reversed, causing skyscrapers and bridges to be ripped from the ground and rivers to rain from the sky. A team led by the Office of Emergency Management supervisor is forced to mount a desperate mission into upside-down Manhattan to avert the entire planet’s destruction.”

It’s sounds interesting and a bit perplexing as I try to visualize a world where the gravitational pull is now centered in the sky around the Earth causing everything on the ground to be pulled upward and staying there. Of course, I’m also interested in knowing what kind of force is surrounding the earth allowing the inverted gravity to be keep confined within the planet and not allow everything to float out into space.

The movie is said to be on the fast track with production to begin sometime next year in order to get all the CGI and visual effects planned and in place.

‘Invertigo’ has a release date of March 7, 2014.