Can time heal all wounds?

Aidan’s voice over quotes the old adage as he and Henry prepare for Mother’s visit. Though he’s done his part, Henry remains on the outside, though Aidan reminds him it will take time for Suren to forgive him, despite already carving him up. Henry, ever the impatient one, is not a fan of it, but there’s nothing he can do. Aidan greets Suren in her room and they talk a bit about Mother’s return and Suren can’t hide her anxiety but Aidan is there as her pillar.

The passage of time voice over continues through Aidan and Suren’s moment together—a reminder of how, despite her betrayal eighty years ago, the connection between the two of them remain. But there is also the burgeoning relationship going on between Josh and Julia. Though it seems as if they’ve yet to go horizontal again since Stu hijacked Josh’s body, the former betrothed couple continues to get closer though there is still some hesitation with everything else going on.

Despite the thought of time healing wounds, a down Sally knows, as Aidan says, things really depend upon the size of the wound. Reaper Scott is still by her side and Sally can’t find a way to tune him out. A bit later the three roomies are sitting together on the couch with a morose Sally still guilting over her actions over the past few weeks. When she catches a glance between Josh and Aidan, she demands to know what they’re hiding. Janet, Dr. Forest’s girlfriend and body Sally possessed on several occasions, was admitted to the psych ward, information that only makes Sally feel worse about herself.

After leaving Sally on the couch, Josh talks to Aidan about wanting to take things to the next level with Julia, which means bringing her over. Feeling as if it’s good for him as well, Aidan agrees though he insists Suren come along as well, seeing it as a perfect time to evaluate if Suren is a match for Aidan’s life. Overhearing the conversation, Sally suggests telling Suren about Aidan’s previous relationship with Julia, an idea met with approval by Josh, though knowing Suren’s mercurial personality, Aidan’s not what we would call enamored with sharing that particular detail.

Still trying to figure out how to help with Janet, Sally prowls the hospital the next day and asks Josh to help her reach Janet but he refuses, offering several reasons, highest on the list Sally’s addiction to body hijacking.

Everyone holds their breath awaiting Suren's wrath...but it never comes

The dinner party is here and Aidan and Suren arrive at the house. He gives her the run down of things though fails to mention his past relationship with Julia. Josh invites Suren in and there’s no missing the serious tension Josh is feeling and the fireworks are surely going to fly. It starts off with a bored Sally talking to everyone but Julia, who can’t hear her. Aidan makes small talk with Julia, who is obviously still perturbed with Aidan’s past dismissal of her. It looks as if things are going to go off without a hitch when Suren confesses her love to Aidan, catching everyone by surprise.  She tells the story of the black orchid, a peace offering from her mother which Aidan cultivated when she would have petulantly let die. But everyone stops when Suren identifies Julia as Aidan’s ex. The roomies look on, fear etched on their faces though Suren handles things admirably, especially considering her past. Aidan has a nightmare later on of Suren feasting on Julia but when he wakes up, Suren is staring out the window. Despite her strength, she has her doubts as to where she fits in his life and though he tries to convince her she is, indeed a perfect fit, the uncertainty remains in her eyes.

Josh and Julia talk about the night before and things look to be progressing. As they step back from a kiss Josh sees Norah staring down at them. Understandably upset, he doesn’t want anything to do with her. She tries to apologize but he tells her it’s too late. He fills Julia in on the conversation and to his surprise, she tells him to think about Norah and things between her and not to make any rash decisions. The feelings he had for Norah are still there but just how deep they go remains to be seen.

Norah and Sally catch up on things

After unsuccessfully trying to get her job at the hospital back, Norah runs into Sally. They talk a bit, with Sally relaying the past several weeks to Norah. She expresses her desire to help Janet and Norah volunteers to help.

The wait is finally over and Suren’s mother offers her evaluation of her daughter’s job in Boston. She is more than satisfied though reminds Suren a few months don’t erase centuries of disappointment. To drive her point home, Mother grants Aidan his release from the vampire community though it is more of a banishment. Offering a vindictive glance at Suren, Mother alienates Aidan from everything, promising death for any vampire that dare associate with him in any way. In his rage Aidan tries to attack Mother though her bodyguards (and later her) hold him back. Suren can only watch as her love is being dragged out of her life.

Sitting on the steps Josh tells Aidan about his dilemma and though he tries to be the good friend, the anger Aidan feels about Mother’s betrayal colors his mood. Josh tries to comfort him, suggesting that being able to start clean, cut off from everyone could be the way to go but his shortsightedness can’t really comprehend Aidan’s position, especially when the vampire admits that he loves Suren.

Janet is sketching memories on a pad in the psych ward when Norah comes in. She tells about Sally and Janet can’t understand why Sally would do such a thing; all the while Scott remains in Sally trying to dissuade her from continuing this folly. There is a tense moment when Janet’s doubts about the truth of Norah’s story nearly derails everything but a poem Sally wrote years ago, one that Janet remembers and demands Norah to recite, saves everything once Sally remembers. She dismisses Scott…but along comes sanctimonious Josh who, because he thought it was a bad idea, thinks it’s his duty to castigate both Norah and Sally for what they thought was the better idea.

Now banned from fraternizing with his kind, Aidan gets in touch with Henry and, against his better judgment, asks his childe to pass a message to Suren. She gets it and they meet up. After a few words and conviction in his voice, Aidan convinces Suren they can really have a life together, an idea in which she readily agrees. Though it appears selfish, it’s a mirror to more than eighty years ago when Suren asked Aidan to run away with her. At least this time there is no Henry or childish Suren there to get in the way of her saying yes.

When he leaves the hospital Josh sees that Janet is better thanks to Sally and Norah. He starts to apologize to his ghostly roomie but she tells him that Aidan is leaving. They are more than hurt at Aidan abandoning them but from the look in his eyes, it’s something he has to do. Digging even deeper into the wound is the fact that, being on the run with Suren, he won’t be able to contact them. When he hugs Josh, there are several flashbacks of the three roomies together and the emotional cord struck in this simple scene is the most emotionally effective and genuine scene from the show to date.

Still reeling a bit from Aidan leaving, Norah comes to talk to Josh and tells him about Brynn’s destructive behavior. She also shares with him the fact that she knows how to lift the curse; one must kill the werewolf that infected him—in Josh’s case, it would be Ray. Josh is horrified at the thought of killing someone and balks on the idea. He turns it around on her, asking why she hasn’t killed him yet. Her answer is quite simple; she only wants what’s best for him and loves him too much to hurt him.

Aidan and Suren are in a motel and things don’t start off too well and Suren’s inability to control her hunger may be a problem. Aidan walks out to get food but the doubt is there in his eyes. Josh, for his sake, has no doubt when he goes to Julia at the hospital and kisses her, making his decision as who to be with while Sally is finally free of Reaper Scott and she enjoys a peaceful time on the couch.

As Aidan searches for food he’s surrounded by several vampires led by Henry. Showing no loyalty, Henry proves Aidan’s earlier assumption in not wanting to trust his former childe. He waits as the vampires, armed with stakes, surround him…

Bringing together the loose ends of Sally’s haunting by Reaper Scott and Josh’s unresolved feelings toward Norah, “Don’t Fear the Scott”—inexplicably title aside—also opens the door for new avenues of exploration. Just how will Julia react when, based on the previews, she finds out about Josh’s other side? Where will Aidan and Suren go as he’s hunted by Mother and the council? The makings of a good show are those that tie up story lines in a neat-ish bow (it can’t be too clean) while opening up other roads to ride down. This week’s episode did just that and more providing an unusual cliffhanger as we await to see where our three favorite people go from here…

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