With only 3 months away until summer, HBO is beginning to tantalize fans of their vampire hit ‘True Blood’ with these 3 new teasers to compliment the trailer released last month.

The ‘Echoes of the Past’ videos take place in Fangtasia, Bill’s House, and Sookie’s House and although none of the actors are featured in them, snippets of lines they’ve spoken from last season are heard. The promotional videos don’t contain any footage from season 5, but they do hint as to what fans should expect with the tagline “You can’t escape your past.”

As usual, 12 episodes are planned for this season, which will focus on the Vampire Authority, zombies and the return of fairies. As for who or what could be coming back to haunt the Bon Temps gang? Well, your guess is as good as mine. But if you see any clues after watching the teasers below, let us know!

‘True Blood’ Season 5: Echoes Of The Past – Fangtasia: 

‘True Blood’ Season 5: Echoes Of The Past – Bill’s House:

‘True Blood’ Season 5: Echoes Of The Past – Sookie’s House:

‘True Blood’ is expected to return this summer on HBO.