In my time with the Eerie Horror Film Festival, I’ve seen a lot… and I mean a LOT… of short horror and sci-fi films. What I’ve discovered over the years is that it might be harder to make a short film memorable than a feature since you have to cram a great hook and story into a meager time frame. But, in the right hands, a short film can end up being a small self-contained piece of film magic.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to check out a new short film titled ‘Chameleon’ from director Sam Lemberg. The film, based on a short story from sci-fi author Colin Harvey, is about a race of aliens that invades the Earth by impersonating human beings. It stars James C. Burns (‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’) as a man captured by the military for fear that he may be one of the aliens. The man’s wife, played by relative newcomer Lucy Rayner, must interrogate her “husband” in an attempt to figure out if he’s the real deal or not. The problem is that, if she’s wrong, she could either let an alien go free… or condemn her husband to death!

‘Chameleon’ was made for under $4,000 with Lemberg even doing the special FX himself. Running at around 5 minutes, the final result is a shocking little piece that is sure to get both the director and the key actors some notice. So, without further ado… here’s ‘Chameleon’!

Directed and directed by: Sam Lemberg
Starring: James C. Burns (Herb), Lucy Rayner (Emily), Wil Bowers (Col. Moss), and Ryan Burke (guard)
Produced by: Tony Hernandez