Lion-O gets a pretty darn raw deal in the season premiere. Here he thought Cheetara was into him, but she wasn’t. And then he’s apparently not the leader anymore since, you know, the cat he thought was his biggest ally–Cheetara–undermines his authority completely.

The episode opens with WilyKat and WilyKitt on hoverboards in a ravine. They soon come upon a group of lizardmen, who give chase until they hit a dead end. The lizards think they’ve got the upper hand, but then Lion-O appears and kicks some butt with the Sword of Omens. The lizard tank is destroyed, and the creatures run out with their guns to threaten Lion-O. Then Cheetara and Tygra tag-team to knock out the rest of the creatures.

They debate what to do with the lizard captives, and Lion-O says the plan is to let them go. The creatures have fought long enough under Mumm-Ra to know they don’t want to live under him. So he gives the lizards a choice–go back to the battlefield or home to their families. The lizards decide to go back to their families; and Tygra’s surprised Lion-O still thinks he can turn the lizards good. Not surprising really, since there were mass desertions after the Cats won the spirit stone.

Cheetara and Tygra do a little cutesy thing, and then they head back to the Berbil village for Panthro. The Berbils have put new arms on Panthro, but the problem is they give him the cute ro-bear arms. Yeah, Panthro doesn’t approve of them.

At Mumm-Ra’s temple, the immortal villain tells Slythe he needs new generals to lead the lizard army. The mass desertions have gone unpunished, and this cannot stand. So Slythe is sent to free the monkey and the jackal from their prisons; the monkey, Addicus, he saves from execution in the Bird Nation. And in thanks for saving him, the monkey agrees to serve Mumm-Ra. He also kills a few more birds. Sounds like a fun guy.

Lion-O asks Cheetara about all the looks she gave him over the first season. He sadly misinterpreted things–Cheetara was asked by Jaga to watch over Lion-O. Nothing more. And then he demands to know what she meant by praising him so often. She replies that she does believe in him with all her heart, but that heart belongs only to Tygra.

Panthro’s arms are better–not so cute. But then they go all wild, whipping around the room and even hitting Panthro in the face. This requires a bit more tinkering on behalf of the Berbils.

Kaynar the jackal is being taken down to solitary confinement in his prison. When the door opens to the lower level, his guards are shot up by lizards. Slythe offers freedom, but the jackal at first refuses. And then he offers cats, which is something the jackal really does want. He agrees to serve Mumm-Ra, and then kills his guards. Of course.

Lion-O and the cats spy on the same lizards they convinced to flee earlier. Cheetara and Tygra don’t want to help them, but Lion-O wants to remain by their sides. That way they won’t go back to Mumm-Ra. He sends WilyKitt and WilyKat back to the Berbil village, and then heads down the slope–alone–to attack.

Slythe is there, along with Kaynar and Addicus. He tells Lion-O the new generals are there to make an example of the deserters. Lion-O won’t let that happen, despite Slythe’s assertion he’s the reason they’re in that mess. Atticus comments three against one isn’t really fair, so right then Cheetara and Tygra show up and join the fight.

Cheetara is knocked into a wall by Addicus fighting dirty. Kaynar and Tygra duel back and forth in another spot; and Lion-O battles Slythe to a standstill.

Back at the village, Panthro’s arms are finally fixed. WilyKitt and WilyKat run back and tell him about Lion-O attacking the lizards. They head to the ThunderTank, which the Berbils have adjusted too.

Kaynar can’t see Tygra, but he can smell him. A quick hit to the face knocks the tiger back on the ground. Addicus comments on Cheetara’s same attack pattern over and over before she traps his weapon with her staff. Kaynar then captures Tygra, and Slythe tries to get Lion-O to give up. He won’t though … until Cheetara suddenly surrenders. She has to stick with her boyfriend after all.

Slythe knocks Lion-O out, then tells his generals to kill the Cats in whatever manner amuses them. It’s that moment Panthro shows up with the new ThunderTank to save the day. As they’re driving away, he comforts Lion-O about losing the battle. All they have to do in order to win? Stick together of course. Umm … whoops. Looks like that got messed up.

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