Maria Bello is someone who knows how to land on her feet! After the cancellation of her NBC series ‘Prime Suspect,’ she is now signed on to do a guest spot on the Fox series ‘Touch.’

Touch’ is the new series starring Kiefer Sutherland who plays the role of Martin, a dad who is haunted by his inability to connect with his autistic 11-year-old son, Jake.  When Martin realizes that Jake has the ability to predict events before they happen by seeing patterns in the numbers around him, Martin uses that skill to help him understand his son and help those that Jake sees are in danger.

Bello will play a mother whose daughter has the same gift as Jake and will be seen in an upcoming multi-episode story arc. If the drama is picked up for a second season, Bello’s character could become a series regular starting next season. Considering the second episode, ‘1+1=3’, had 11.7 million viewers, so it seems there’s a good chance that the series will see a second season if it can keep up these numbers.

At this time there is no official date as to when Bello’s episodes will appear.

‘Touch’ airs on Thursday nights at 9PM EST/PST on Fox.

Source: Deadline