When ‘Batman’ #6 came to a close, the Court of Owls had ramped up their game with the revelation that there were an entire host of Talon assassins… and after a single one had nearly broken Batman!

As this issue picks up, Batman is making his way home after nearly succumbing to the mind-warping destruction of the Court over the past several issues. Once he’s home, Batman discovers that Alfred has found the body of the Talon and brought it to the Batcave for examination. The rest of the issue alternates between Bruce, with some assistance from Dick, delving into the secrets of the Talon, and the Court of Owls prepping their other team of Talons to take back Gotham City.

Since this issue is mostly investigation on the part of Batman and prepping by the Owls, we don’t get the crazy action throw-down that was hinted at with the finale of last issue. Instead, what we do get is a shocker that tosses a twisted monkeywrench into the history of one of the Bat-family and threatens to change his future in the New 52 universe. I won’t give away the spoiler here, but this issue will definitely be marked as a changing point in the Bat-titles.

In addition to the revelation about [name redacted], we’re also given quite a few more secrets about the Court of Owls that make them much more dangerous than even the first six issues of chaos have led us to believe. I have a feeling that these guys are going to be around in Gotham for a long time to come.

Scott Snyder has not only delivered a great story yet again this issue, but he’s gone and switched up the Batman mythos even further. He’s definitely making a new home here in the New 52 and I absolutely adore what he’s done with these legendary characters so far.

The art from Greg Capullo continues to grow more harsh as the series goes on, further separating it from the almost Todd McFarlane clone that it was when this series began.

Great great book all around.

Verdict: Buy
Art and Cover by GREG CAPULLO