We knew director J.J. Abrams was upset about the photos and video that were leaked awhile back from his highly anticipated sequel ‘Star Trek 2’ (or if you prefer ‘Star Trek 12’). After all, even Zoe Saldana who plays Uhura mentioned this in her interview with MTV. But we didn’t know how angry he was until now.

Even with the high security measures that have already been implemented, Abrams was still unable to prevent the few photos that have already come out. He is so dead set on having no more leaks that he has built a blockage around the area where some outdoor location shooting is occurring. Don’t believe us? Well, here’s the photo proof below!

Abrams ordered 30 large shipping containers (the kind you see at ship yards and harbors) and literally built his own “Great Wall of Trek” in an attempt to prevent paparazzi from taking any more unauthorized footage. Of course, this won’t deter them. Instead, they have taken it up as a challenge and have promised that photos of this shot will come soon even if they have to get a large ladder to get it.

I do have to admire Abrams for his attempt for secrecy but unless filming is taken onto a soundstage and all camera phones are confiscated, I don’t really know how you can completely stop anything from coming out.

So what do you think about Abrams’ attempts? Are the unauthorized photos and videos spoiling the anticipation of ‘Star Trek 2’ for you?

Source: Movie Web