Well, even though we have more than half a year left before we finally get to see ‘The Last Jedi’ in theaters, this week will finally bring the first teaser trailer for the next chapter in the main ‘Star Wars’ saga thanks to ‘Star Wars Celebration,’ and in advance of that, some new details regarding Supreme Leader Snoke have come to light over on Making Star Wars.

This does give spoilers for the film so don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

Holding to their belief that Snoke will indeed turn out to be an original character (and not revealed to be an older version of a character we know), they reveal that we will see Snoke take up residence aboard a Mega Destroyer in ‘The Last Jedi‘ (a ship which will make the original Star Destroyer look tiny in comparison) and this ship will not only house Snoke’s palace, but apparently will be the mobile base of operations for The First Order in the film. Also, Snoke will shuck his dark Palpaltine-like robes in this film and will instead be sporting golden robes (and slippers) with a red lining, as well as a massive ring with a giant Kyber crystal (rumored) all designed to show off Snoke’s appreciation of wealthy and decadence, which will also be reflected in his opulent Throne Room. And to protect Snoke we will meet the “Praetorian Guards” (though no one is sure if that is the real name or the temp name) who will essentially be his Imperial Guard. Aside from having reddish robes, their look will be very different, even having unique helmets and each having their own individual and unique weapon, including a staff with pointed ends, nunchucks, a sword, throwing weapons, knives, and other weapons (I’m hoping we’re talking futuristic versions of these weapons, by the way, otherwise it might feel a little odd). And rumor has it that these might actually be the “knights” that accompany Kylo Ren on his assault on Ahch-To instead of the “Knights of Ren” that had previously been reported, but all of that is just speculation. Making Star Wars does make mention of Kylo Ren in their announcement in that he will not be wearing his helmet as much in this film, and that he will be working very hard to prove himself to Snoke this time around after his loss to Rey at the end of ‘The Force Awakens.’ Finally, for Snoke, even with Andy Serkis coming back, they are saying the character will be portrayed this time around with a mixture of CGI and on-set puppetry, which is nice to hear, as nowadays anything done entirely in CGI tends to be a bit of a turn-off for me in a movie especially if there is a way to realistically do it on set.

What are your thoughts on the new information about Supreme Leader Snoke and his guards? Are you still holding out hope that he might be a character we have already met and there will be a big reveal? Share your thoughts and theories down in the comments below!