As more and more footage of ‘Battleship’ comes out, I find myself leaning towards giving this movie a chance. This featurette does help with that tendency.

The folks at SFX shared an exclusive behind the scenes look as to why the aliens came to Earth in the first place – and we can all blame the people behind SETI. Actually the concept goes that Earth has been sending out radio signals into deep space aimed at Goldilocks planets. These planets are ones that revolve around a similar sun as ours. If the planet is too far away from that sun, it is too cold to sustain life. If it is too close to the sun, it is too hot. Goldilocks planets are those that are in just the right position to perhaps have life. One of our signals gets picked up and aliens from a planet send over a recon group to Earth to check out if it is suitable for them. Once they determine it is, the recon group will send a call to have the aliens take over and it is up to humanity to prevent an alien takeover.

This new aspect of the story makes the movie more palpable and not just another “destroy the shiny aliens” movie. I thought it was quite amusing that at Wonderon Peter Berg had admitted that the movie ‘Battleship’ “doesn’t have any direct correlation to the game. That being said, it was a lot of fun to try to find a way to reference the game.”  Once you remove the concept that the Hasbro game is involved, the movie may actually be something fun to watch. Anyway, the featurette vaguely gave me that ‘Independence Day’ vibe.

See for yourself and let me know if this changes your mind about seeing ‘Battleship.’

‘Battleship’ Featurette: Goldilocks Planets:

‘Battleship’ stars Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch ( ‘John Carter’), Alexander Skarsgard (‘True Blood’), Rihanna, Jesse Plemons (‘Paul’,‘Friday Night Lights’) and Brooklyn Decker and will hits theaters on May 18th.