Tonight’s episode teaches us that sex can kill!  Spoilers ahead!

Unaware of the multitudes of dead birds outside, Cassie and Adam revel in their post-coital afterglow.  Blackwell is the first to discover the birds.  Cassie is afraid her dark magic killed them, but Blackwell seems to already know they slept together, and that their sexin’ is what caused the bird massacre.  He says the curse has been activated, a curse that prevents their families from joining bloodlines.  That’s what drove Cassie’s mom Amelia from Adam’s father, Ethan.

Hey, everyone knows we slept together!

Faye runs into Eva again while looking for Lee.  Eva smashes a glass jar by Faye’s head and Faye leaves, but later tells Melissa and Diana to help her search Lee’s car for clues.

Cassie and Blackwell visit her grandmother Jane, who isn’t doing well mentally and confuses Cassie for Amelia.  Cassie plays along to get details about the curse.  It’s on the Conants and the Blakes and was cast by a witch out of jealousy.  If the curse is awakened, someone in the circle will die.  Uh oh, too late!

Cassie and Adam have to tell the circle about the curse, which is super awkward since they also have to explain how the curse came about.  Side note: this curse sounds awfully similar to the curse on Angel in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and was also triggered by sexual relations.  Diana of course is less than thrilled to hear the details of her friend sleeping with her ex-boyfriend.  The girls are healthy, but when Cassie leaves to check on Jake he has a fever and a strange case of throbbing veins.  Cassie and Adam once again have to explain how this is their fault for doing what teenagers all over the world are doing.

Blackwell finds the recipe for an elixir that will stop the curse.  He knows just where to get the rare ingredients – Calvin Wilson, who was killed by Jake months before.  There’s a nice twist for you, Jake!  Calvin’s niece now runs the shop for her missing uncle and has every item save one, a root that Cassie, Adam, and Jake leave to hunt for.  Jake starts to see Calvin’s ghost.

Sick Jake and Cassie

Dawn tells Charles that Blackwell has visited Jane and worries that she might regain her memory.  We are reminded that Charles killed Amelia, and if Blackwell finds out, he’s sure to want revenge.  They pay a visit to Jane and out comes the crystal to mind-wipe her.

Faye, Melissa and Diana investigate Lee’s car.  They don’t find much before the police arrive.  Diana tries to sweet talk the officer, but when Melissa and Faye try to help her along by opening her shirt for her, they’re almost arrested.  Eva arrives on the scene and gets them out of trouble.  She claims Lee left behind the car and took his bike when he left.  The girls leave but Faye won’t give up that easily.

Jake finds a water bottle in his bag but hallucinates it’s a witch cruet.  He grows more and more confused, seeing Calvin in the shadows.  Jake attacks Adam, thinking he’s Calvin.  Cassie almost uses her dark magic to stop him, but Adam distracts her.  Together they throw Jake off.  Now they know Jake killed Calvin.  Cassie finally finds the root they’re looking for, and they take some time to talk about dark magic and the power of their  relationship while poor Jake sits there half-crazed and sweating.

Faye returns to Lee’s place and finds the bike that Eva says he left town on.  Faye realizes that Eva has her magic thanks to the totem poles.  Eva thinks Faye can fix Lee, but he’s very clearly dead and Faye refuses.  Eva grows angry and starts to drain the life from Faye’s hand.  She’ll only stop if Faye helps Lee.  Cue the cuckoo noise!  Faye makes up a ritual as she goes along, finding the totem under the bed Lee’s body rests on.  Eventually she manages to snap it in half, and Eva loses her power.

Blackwell tells Cassie that she and Adam are the ones who have to take the elixir to break the curse, but once they take it they won’t remember why they loved each other.  Their feelings will disappear.  Adam is insistent that he won’t forget.  They kiss one last time and drink the elixir.  Side note: this is pretty similar to an episode of ‘Angel’, when Angel has to rewind time to get his undead powers back, which will also erase a perfect day he spent with his true love Buffy.  Just sayin.’

Jake awakens fully healed but doesn’t feel worthy of being saved now that his murderous ways have been brought to light.  Blackwell encourages him, saying a man can change.  Downstairs, Cassie and Adam wake up together.  Adam says he isn’t nervous like he used to be when he was around Cassie.  It’s like their love was in someone else’s movie.  Adam leaves and Cassie starts to freak out.  It seems her feelings haven’t changed at all.  Blackwell says her power must be too strong to be affected.  He says he didn’t know this would happen, but the look on his face as she hugs her says differently.

Blackwell and Cassie hug it out

Charles visits Jane again, alone and late at night.  This time he’s here to help her recover so that she can help him destroy John Blackwell.

Dawn confronts Blackwell – there is no curse after all.  Blackwell orchestrated the whole thing with his magic and he’s driving them apart because he’s afraid of their destiny.  Ooooh, what’s their destiny?!  He tells Dawn that Amelia and Ethan wanted out of their circle, which would have left the rest of them vulnerable.  In case she wasn’t already on edge, he also brings up the witch hunters and that they must be working with a witch to use magic.

Poor Cassie!  Adam was so detached after they broke the curse.  Though this was because of a magic spell, I think everyone has felt unrequited love and can identify with her.  The question that kept nagging at me was ….if Blackwell made up this whole curse, how did he know that Cassie and Adam had just slept together for the first time?  That’s going to keep me up at night.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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