Once you get past the obvious pun in the episode title, “Kate is Enough” ends up being a rather good offering.

Rex beats the snot out of Cole

Rex: The episode opens with Rex in the middle of a fight on the tennis court. Tara tries to break it up, but she gets elbowed in the nose. Turns out Cole broke Rex’s racket, and he sends himself to the principal’s office as a result.

Britten and Tara talk to him after to determine what’s going on, but he just lashes out instead. And here I thought Rex grew up after the last episode. Clearly not.

Britten talks to Dr. Evans about the whole Rex situation–he feels helpless in the whole thing. Evans suggests the reason Britten can’t help Rex is because he doesn’t accept that his wife is dead.

Hannah: Dr. Evans continues talking in voiceover about Britten being in denial. Meanwhile, Britten caresses Hannah’s arm while she sleeps.

Britten and Vega later investigate an apparent suicide off a party boat. All anyone saw was the woman, Annie, hit the water when she jumped. There’s 100 witnesses held at the end of the dock–100 people who may or may not have seen a crime that might not have even happened. Great night for Britten, eh?

Britten and Vega board the boat to investigate; first thing they find is an ice bucket full of vomit. Next they come to the balcony where the victim went overboard, and Britten notices how clean the handle of the gate is. Vega suggests the woman bumped the gate and opened it that way; Britten’s idea is someone opened the door and then wiped it clean.

Britten and Vega then talk to the owners of the boat. One of them, Cameron, was sleeping with the dead girl. He’s also the fiancee of one Monique, the celebrity who was on the ship. Apparently the dead girl told Cameron she couldn’t live without him. Darren, the other owner, asks for discretion … something Britten agrees to.

Once Britten and Vega get off the boat, Kate–Rex’s former babysitter–walks up. She’s an investment banker who helped fund Darren and Cameron. It’s all a quite happy reunion, and she asks how soon she can get home. Britten says he’ll try to get her out as quickly as possible, and when he and Vega walk away the detective has to tell his partner not to turn around. Oh Wilmer Valderamma, you hound dog you.

Rex: Bird and Britten are investigating a man, Charlie, who was killed execution-style in his house. Looks like a robbery, since the man’s fingers were cut off and the safe in his house was open.

The odd thing is someone turned off the alarm 20 minutes prior to the murder. One of the people with a guest code was the housekeeper, who is brought in for questioning. She gives them two names of people with guest codes, including the girlfriend who goes by the name of Amber.

Perp Kate being interviewed in her apartment

Amber, by the way, is Kate. So not an investment banker in this world then. Ah well.  Britten immediately recognizes her, even with her living in squalor in a crappy apartment. She doesn’t recognize him though, and Britten has to remind her about babysitting for Rex.

Britten and Bird interview Kate, telling her about Charlie’s death. She’s shocked it wasn’t an overdose, which is understandable given how many drugs he used. Kate’s been looking for work since Charlie cut her loose. As to her Saturday night, she was sleeping off some drugs in the ER.

While she searches for the discharge papers, Britten asks about the stepbrother–Mark–who is apparently a Rocky wannabe. Kate finds the discharge papers, and says Mark came over once with papers Charlie had to sign. Britten asks what she’s using, but Kate says nothing so far. He offers help, but she says all she really wants is for him to leave.

Dr. Lee explains the two Kates as Britten meeting Kate first in the Hannah world and then seeing her pop into the Rex world as the dream.

Rex: Dr. Evans suggests the more important question is not whether which Kate is real, but rather why Britten is seeing two versions. Kate was someone who used to take care of Rex; maybe her appearance in both worlds is telling Britten about the difficulty he’s having connecting with Rex.

Hannah: Britten tells Hannah about running into Kate the other day. Hannah talks about Kate being the “Rex whisperer.” Every time he had a tantrum, Kate would immediately be able to calm him down. Hannah is pleased Kate’s an investment banker, especially given the tough time she had after her sister died.

Rex: Hannah’s voiceover talks about the paper airplane Kate could make that stayed in the air for like five minutes; something which immediately calmed baby Rex down. Britten finds one of them in Rex’s baby book, and throws the airplane on the table to start a dialogue with Rex. Britten asks why Rex hasn’t apologized to Cole yet, but Rex only snaps at him. Why do I get the feeling the racket Cole broke belonged to Hannah?

Britten and Bird talk to Mark, the stepbrother, who explains Charlie couldn’t wait to cut him off from funding his chance to get into MMA fighting. Mark sued Charlie for money after seeing how his stepbrother was wasting all the money. Sadly, Mark’s alibi of training at the gym can’t be corroborated.

Back at the station, Britten and Bird find out Mark was next in line to get all the money if something happened to Charlie. However, they can’t put Mark at the house on Saturday night except with some hardcore detective work.

After a montage of them interviewing neighbors, they chat a bit about Britten’s problems connecting with Rex. The last neighbor they talk to doesn’t come out, and instead has them hold up the pictures to a camera. A camera that incidentally would have recorded the place in front of Charlie’s house on Saturday.

Hannah: Britten gets a morning phone call from Vega. They got the tox screen back from Annie, and there was enough drugs in her system for her to drown in a kiddie pool. Awesome.

After a chat with Annie’s friends, Britten says there’s basically zero indication Annie was having an affair with Cameron. Vega’s still convinced it’s an affair though–people have done some crazy things to cover up infidelity according to him. Britten still isn’t buying it though. Something should have jumped out at them while investigating Annie’s possessions.

Based purely on instinct, and how odd it is there’s no evidence, Britten leads Vega to Annie’s apartment. There’s still no evidence of the affair there, however. Until Britten finds a can of men’s shaving cream under the sink. A can of men’s shaving cream that has the key to a safety deposit box hidden inside. Ooo-wee-ooo ….

They unlock the safety deposit box and find a research document. The big question now is why does a personal assistant have a safety deposit box key in a shaving cream can under a sink. Turns out they’re material-research papers. The papers show the semiconductor process the company’s getting investment for doesn’t actually work.

Britten and Vega bring Darren in for questioning. They present the evidence of the spiked red wine spilled on Kate, which Darren of course denies. Britten offers him a chance to “do the right thing,” but Darren simply wears this smug smirk.

Britten offers the same choice to Cameron, and this company owner caves. He reveals Darren was behind the entire operation to kill Annie after she came to Cameron with the research report. Darren of course gets arrested nice and easy.

Rex: The security footage from the camera shows Mark didn’t show up anywhere in the neighborhood on Saturday night. However there was a strange car there which doesn’t fit in, and it happens to belong to one Kate Porter. Yup, the exact Kate we’ve seen all episode.

Britten and Bird bring Kate in for questioning. It’s revealed she got out of the ER at 9 pm, two hours prior to when Charlie died. She fights the accusations, even asking Britten to believe her. What he does do is say that if she tells the truth, he will help her. Kate tearfully confesses that she gave Liam, some guy, the alarm code. All Liam was supposed to do was scare Charlie into opening the safe. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Hannah: Dr. Lee interviews Britten about Kate losing her sister and thus imagining her life going in two different directions.

Rex: Dr. Evans asks Britten what he thinks makes a life go in one direction or another. The two versions of Kate both telling the story about the day her sister died, alternating from world to world.

Kate the investment banker

Rex: Kate never wanted to feel better, and soon her entire support system faded away, including her mother.

Hannah: Kate, however, tells about the strength of her mother to just keep trying and it eventually worked.

Rex: Britten comes into his son’s room, and declares they have to talk about what happened about the racket. He’s confused that the few broken strings made Rex go nuts. Britten sits down on the floor in front of Rex and keeps talking about Rex having to talk things out.

And I was right about the racket being Hannah’s. Rex never used it; he just kept the racket in his bag to have his mom near him. He gets angry everytime he thinks about Hannah dying, despite everyone trying to be nice.

Britten says then it’s all right to be angry. The episode ends with Rex apologizing to Cole while Tara and Britten look on. Kind of an interesting week this time with the integration of the cases and showing the butterfly-effect chaos theory of the divergence in the worlds.

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