The movie isn’t set to be released until next year but news from the new Andrew Niccols’ movie ‘The Host’ is  causing quite a buzz.

In the latest issue of People Magazine, the first images from the movie were published. The movie is currently filming in New Mexico and the trailer is set to play in front of showings of ‘The Hunger Games’ in theaters. Luckily, we have the both the images and the trailer for you here!

‘The Host’ is based on a novel by ‘Twilight’ writer Stephanie Meyer and is about a world that has been taking over by an alien species called Souls who is wiping out the human population by taking over the consciousness and erasing the personalities of the people they inhabit. Melanie, one of the last humans putting up a fight against the Souls and is part of the resistance, is implanted by a Soul called Wanderer whose goal is to get Melanie to give up the remaining humans on the planet but instead, faces strong opposition by Melanie’s consciousness. The adventure also involves two young men each who fall in love with Melanie but one is really in love with Wanderer.

Among those starring in the movie is Irish actress Saoirse Ronan who plays Melanie, Diane Kruger who plays the Seeker who goes after Wanderer/Melanie. Max Irons has been chosen to play Jared (Melanie’s ex-boyfriend), Jake Able is Ian (the boy in love with Wanderer), Francis Fischer will play Melanie’s stern aunt Maggie and Willaim Hurt will play Uncle Jeb.

Although ‘The Host’ is only a single novel, the movie is said to be a first in a trilogy. So check out the images and the trailers below and let me know what you think of Meyer’s new franchise!

 ‘The Host’ Theatrial Trailer:

Written and directed by Andrew Niccols (‘In Time’, ‘Gattica’) “The Host’ is scheduled to premiere in theaters on March 29, 2013.