For a while now, the future of Netflix has been somewhat questionable. Last year, the streaming video service faced some vile backlash from users when it split its streaming and DVD rental services in two and started charging for the former.

But recently, the company has started stretching its boundaries by acquiring original programming for the service. The first was the horror series ‘Hemlock Grove’ from director Eli Roth (‘Hostel’). They are also working on a series from David Fincher (‘Fight Club’) called ‘House of Cards’. Now it appears as if Netflix might be looking to pick up shows that have been canceled by other networks.

Deadline reports today that Netflix is looking into picking up the FOX series ‘Terra Nova’ which was recently canceled, despite fan outcry. Now the powers that be at Netflix are taking a keen eye towards ABC’s ‘The River’ which just aired its season one finale this past Tuesday night. Apparently, the ratings of ‘The River’ haven’t been to ABC’s liking and the show is already facing possible cancellation.

If Netflix continues on this route, I will stand by my original statement that, despite all the ire it incurred, the changing of their business strategy this past year was a great idea… both for the company and for fans of TV.

What canceled television shows would you like to see resurrected as Netflix exclusives? For me the choices are obvious: ‘Firefly’ and ‘Arrested Development’. Comment below and let us know what you’d like to see.