While promoting his latest horror film, ‘The Intruders,’ Juan Carlos Fresnadillo talked about his next project: the reboot of the 1986 Christopher Lambert ‘Highlander’ movie. While many agree that the first movie was entertaining, its subsequent sequels were some of the cheesiest movies out there.  Fresnadillo plans on changing this.

With ‘Bioshock’ now on infinite hold, Fresnadillo is now working on rebooting the ‘Highlander’ franchise. “It’ll be the same characters and the same universe, but starting from scratch,” he explains, “I want to combine realism with an epic story. I want to track the hero in such a way that you truly feel his immortality… That’s why I think it’s a good concept for a new approach, a fresh idea right now. I really love the idea of the movie, which is immortality as a curse. That is something I feel comfortable with, and I definitely think it’s worth rebooting if it’s that kind of concept.”

As to how he would express immortality as a curse, Fresnadillo describes it this way, “There’s some kind of process, if you think you’re immortal then you can’t love someone. If you’re in love everybody is going to disappear and you will be here alone. I have the feeling that in immortality there is a tendency to not to be attached to anyone. If you are in love with someone then you will suffer your whole existence, which is a terrible thing.”

Maybe it’s just me, but wasn’t this already touched upon in the ‘Highlander’ series with Adrian Paul? After Tessa died and even after Ritchie’s death, MacLeod went through a period of suffering and torment and in the finale, he even walks away from Amanda knowing the loneliness of an immortal.

I do commend Fresnadillo for his obvious excitement to restart the franchise and although this project is still in development, I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we see it up on the big screen. How about you?

Source: io9