If you made it out to Wondercon this weekend, you may have seen one of these wanted posters for the notorious vigilante… the Spider-Man.

Fans who took a closer look at the poster were directed to call the phone number 877-651-8503 or to head to the website at www.webbedmenace.com. The number doesn’t do much but direct one back to the website… but the website revealed a new viral video featuring Capt. George Stacy (Denis Leary) in a news interview about the new masked vigilante. Capt. Stacy isn’t keen on the idea of a guy in Spider-tights running around his city. He further goes so far as to suggest that Spidey is committing crimes rather than stopping them. Check out the video (below) and then head to webbedmenace.com/sightings to see fan-submitted Spidey sightings and submit your own.

In other Spider-Man news coming out of Wondercon, ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ director Mark Webb sat down with a handful of bloggers and news sites to discuss the movie. Most of what Webb revealed really doesn’t amount to much but Cinemablend did manage to get something out of the secretive director.

When asked whether there would be any hints in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ as to which villains might be appearing in the expected sequels, Webb simply said, “There are.”

This isn’t a massive shocker since Sony Pictures stated when ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ was announced that they planned the film as the first in a new franchise, but it’s still kind of cool that they’re already planning ahead. Plus it’ll give eagle-eyed fans something to look for when watching the new movie.

My bet? The story of Spider-Man’s new origin and the disappearance of his parents has already been linked to OSCORP, so it’s almost a no-brainer that Norman Osborn will appear at some point as the Green Goblin. And now that we’ve got Gwen Stacy in the film universe, it’ll be interesting to see if the movies follow the plot of the comics with her inevitable fate with the Goblin.