The second storyline of this title wraps up here.  Don’t read, if you don’t want to be spoiled!  The massive Brood-commanding creature has Broo in his clutches and reveals that he is Professor Xanto Starblood, an expert in the study of intergalactic species and that he has come for Broo because he is an aberration, because he is compassionate and not a mindless, blood-thirsty creature.  Starblood wants to kill Broo in the name of science.

Inside of Kitty Pryde, the shrunken X-Men continue to battle the Brood inside her, but Kid Gladiator has been turned into a Brood and Ice Man and Warbird must try and contain him.  (Keep in mind, Kid Gladiator has Superboy-level strength!  Yes, I just mixed my Marvel and my DC!  Ha!)  Kitty gets assistance from an unusual source, The Bamfs, the tiny Nightcrawler-like goblins that roam the campus, usually causing trouble.

Broo and Starblood have a conversation.  Obviously, Broo is trying to talk Starkiller into not killing him, but the professor is pretty determined.

On Planet Sin, Wolverine’s plan to win cheat the house at an intergalactic casino is rapidly unraveling.  Kid Omega, Quentin Quire, has deduced what the boss plans to do to them, allowing Wolverine to cut loose.  He orders Quire to flee, but Quire wants to stay and fight and he manages to evolve his powers.  “You know how telepaths like Psylocke and Rachel Grey can channel psychic energy into the form of a weapon, like a sword or dagger?” he says, before channeling his energy into his own weapon.

Kitty and The Bamfs attempt to help Broo.  The Bamfs teleport him outside, so Krakoa can battle him.  In the process, he states that he knows Bamfs and these are not them.  Hmmm, wonder what that means?

Inside of Kitty, Beats has found the egg sac that is the source of her invasion.  He has to remove it to get it out of her body. She ends up expelling the egg sac and the X-Men in a rather… icky way.

Wolverine and Quire flee, but they lose their winnings and Wolverine is shot and disfigured by an alien device.

Starblood ends up getting taken down by the unlikeliest person, but as he is carted away by Abigail Brand and her S.W.O.R.D. agents, he seems content to leave Broo be.  S.W.O.R.D. also takes Kid Gladiator and Brand says he should be back to normal in a day.

Broo and Kitty are both traumatized by this adventure and Kitty makes a bold move.  And despite Wolverine losing the chips at the casino, another X-Men comes to the rescue in the money department.

This may very well be my favorite X-Men title ever.  It’s just so much fun!  The X-Men are never fun!  They’re always dark, morose and someone dies in like every other issue.  Then there’s this book, with its younger cast and a brighter more optimistic spirit, going off in a completely different direction.  Stalwarts like Kitty, Ice Man and Wolverine remain in character, but are allowed not to worry so much and loosen up.  And the younger students are also well-rounded and interesting.  It’s a nice balance!

And Nick Bradshaw’s art compliments the book’s lighter spirit as well.  I have nothing but raves for his work!  It’s cartoon-y but super clean and detailed.  Justin Ponsor’s vibrant color palette brings it all together!  This is one of those books that’s worth it for the art alone!

Verdict: Buy

Written by Jason Aaron
Art and Cover by Nick Bradshaw