The release of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ is just a few weeks off, on November 8th.  Yesterday, Marvel released a video featuring Malekith the Accursed, the movie’s main villain, who leads an army of Dark Elves and is depicted by former ‘Doctor Who’ Christopher Eccleston.

Now it’s the good guys’ turn, as we get another clip, showing Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) battling Malekith’s army.  (No glimpse of Hogun or Fandral.)  He also get what appears to be the splashy return to Asgard of the title character, Thor as played by Chris Hemsworth.

Check out the clip below:

Once again, as you can see, director Alan Taylor (‘Game of Thrones’) has toned down the more fanciful, CGI enhanced look of the first movie to adopt a grittier, slightly darker texture in this sequel.  But it should still feel cohesive.  Since ‘The Avengers’, Thor’s profile has risen, so it should be interesting to see if this film can out-perform its predecessor.

In addition, more images have been unveiled, including these character posters:

There are just three more weeks to go until Marvel’s God of Thunder storms back onto the silver screen.  Are you excited to see, possibly the mightiest Avenger back in live-action?  Or are you more interested in a certain God of Mischief?

THOR: THE DARK WORLD, starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Christopher Eccleston, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgard, Jaimie Alexander, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, Rene Russo, and Kat Dennings hits theaters on November 8, 2013.