According to, the SyFy reality series ‘Legend Quest’ has met an early demise. Quoting poor ratings as the cause, “Legend Quest” leaves us after only one season. Premiering to 1.2 million viewers, the shows ratings continually dropped culminating in only a 0.3 rating in the advertiser rich 18-49 demographic.

The show featured the adventures of Ashley Cowle, an archaeologist and explorer whose expertise was in ancient symbols. The lovely Kinga Philipps served as Field Producer. They travel the world in search of some of history’s greatest relics and artifacts, all of which are believed to hold hidden powers and mystical significance for ancient and modern cultures. Each episode will include IndianaJones-type adventure and Da Vinci Code-style connections as the hidden truths and alternative theories of these mythical objects are explored.

Sadly, ancient treasures and lost knowledge are not the numbers pull it should be. In an age when education should be paramount, quality programming has the tendency to be looked over in favor of explosions and dismemberment.