It’s been a couple years since ‘Lost’ has been on the air and while we know what executive producer/writer Damon Lindelof has since done (he’s written ‘Prometheus’, ‘Star Trek 2’, ‘Cowboys and Aliens’), the other half of the ‘Lost’ show running team has not been heard of until now. Looks like Carlton Cuse has come on board to executive produce A&E’s ‘The Bates Motel.’

The show is being described as a cross between ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘Smallville’ (I’m still wrapping my head around that mash up) and will tell the story of how a young Norman Bates became the serial killer that he was in ‘Psycho.’ In the true Freudian sense, they will blame it on his deranged mother and her lover and show how the two caused his mind to become unhinged.

‘The Bates Motel’ will initially run as a six episode “event” that, if it plays well with the TV audience, will lead into additional seasons. If the show does catch on, Cuse will not only executive produce but also oversee the writing and production once it becomes a series. Kerry Ehrin (‘Inspector Gadget’, ‘Parenthood’, ‘Friday Night Lights’) will be working alongside Cuse as a writer/executive producer with Mark Wolper and Roy Lee (‘The Woman in Black’, ‘7500’, ‘The Ring’) producing.

A&E is hoping this show will become as popular as ‘The Walking Dead’ and while the list of producers/executive producers are well experienced in the genre, I think I’ll wait to see who they cast for the series.

How excited are you to see a prequel to ‘Psycho?’