A few months ago, a copy of ‘Action Comics’ #1 formerly belonging to Nicholas Cage went up for auction and ended up becoming the most expensive comic ever sold. The legendary copy of ‘Action Comics’ #1 was stolen from Cage back in 2000 and went missing until it was discovered in a warehouse a decade later.

The Man, The Legend... Nic Cage

Now the story of what happened to that comic is being made into a movie at Lionsgate. The film, titled ‘Action No. 1’ is being written by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, the twisted comedy minds behind ‘Reno 911!’. The duo are transforming the story of the theft into a heist comedy about a group of geeks that set out to steal the holy grail of comics… the first appearance of Superman!

For the movie adaptation, the role of Cage was written in the hopes of having the real deal play himself. However, THR reports that Cage probably won’t do it. Action star Jason Statham (‘The Transporter’) has been rumored to be attached to ‘Action No. 1’, word is that his people say the rumors are false.

As soon as I read the news about nerds stealing a prized collectible, I thought of 2009’s ‘Fanboys’, which told the story of a group of well… fanboys who break into Skywalker Ranch to steal a copy of ‘Phantom Menace’ before the movie actually released. I loved ‘Fanboys’ and think the theft of Cage’s Superman comic could make for a hilarious fun romp, especially from the ‘Reno 911!’ crew. I just wish Cage himself would take the role playing a quirky exaggerated version of himself. It wouldn’t be hard. I mean, the man took his last name from a comic, named his son Kal-El, and bought his own island for crying out loud! And it might end up being a good career decision. Cage could use one of those right about now. (I’m lookin’ at you ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Venegeance’.)

Of course, ‘Action No. 1’ is in the early stages, so stay tuned for more details on the project as we get them.