Tara Strong is one of those voice-actors that even if you have never heard her name before, you have most definitely heard her voice, especially if you are a fan of the DC Animated movies or TV series’s. She was the original voice of Batgirl in ‘Batman: The Animated Series,’ and has since has a myriad of voice roles as DC characters, including a strong recurring role as Revan, as well as times she played Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Now she is returning to the Bat-family to join Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill for ‘Batman: The Killing Joke,’ arguably the biggest DC Animated Movie to ever come out (it is even getting a special screening in theaters on July 25th!). In the interview below, she discusses what is has been like to work in the DC universe for so many years, and shares some stories about working with Kevin and Mark, and the level of skill and professionalism they bring to the roles.

Check out the full interview below (which includes A LOT of new footage of Batgirl from the movie), and then share your thoughts on Batgirl’s dark story in ‘The Killing Joke’ and also share any opinions you have of the upcoming movies in the comments section!

Synopsis Below:

Based on the acclaimed DC graphic novel of the same name, Batman: The Killing Joke takes a journey into the dark psyche of the Clown Prince of Crime – from his humble beginnings as a struggling comedian to his fateful encounter with Batman that changes both of their lives forever. Years later, and now escaped from Arkham Asylum, The Joker devises a plan to prove that one bad day can make anyone as insane as he is – setting his sights on Commissioner Gordon. It’s up to the Dark Knight to put a stop to The Joker’s latest scheme and save one of Gotham City’s finest.

Following a gripping prologue introducing Barbara Gordon’s heroic adventures alongside Batman as Batgirl, Batman: The Killing Joke stays true to the authentic tale that has held fans’ imaginations for nearly three decades – spotlighting the birth of a Super-Villain, the fortitude of a Super Hero and the punchline that will leave you speechless.

Source: Collider

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