It’s been a few years since ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’ left the airwaves. Now the wallcrawler is returning to the small screen again with Disney XD’s ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’, based on the comic series of the same name.

‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ features the voice talents of Drake Bell (Spider-Man), Chi McBride (Nick Fury), Matt Latner (Flash Thompson), and Stan “The Man” Lee as Stan the Janitor. The show premieres on the Disney XD cable network on April 1st at 11am EST. ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ is part of the new Marvel Universe block of programming on XD, which begins the same day. On April 1st, Spidey fans will be treated to the first two episodes of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ as well as the season premiere of ‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’.

USA Today gave fans a glimpse into what to expect with three clips and 14 still images from the first episode of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’.

Check ‘em out and let me know what you think!

Click on the images to see them full size:

All these images do is make me wish that Sony didn’t have the rights to Spider-Man on film. I’d love to see Spidey in his rightful place alongside the Avengers in the upcoming movie!