Fan bases are well-known to be a rabid bunch – devoted when they are into what creators are doing and vicious and opinionated when they are not enjoying what they are seeing.  Certainly, the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ is no exception, having gained a very loyal – and vocal – following over the six seasons the show has been on the air (and the years and years beforehand when the property existed as an excellent comic book).  Fan reaction to the finale episode of Season Six – where newly-introduced bad guy Negan kills an as-of-yet-unrevealed cast member with his barbed wire wrapped bat – has been mixed at best, with many folks wondering just who got the proverbial axe.

Recently, ‘The Walking Dead’ comic co-creator Robert Kirkman was a guest on the Comedy Central series ‘@Midnight,’ and the show is known for its format of asking funny questions to elicit even funnier responses.  On the episode in question, each guest was asked to come up with the worst cliffhanger ending for a TV series, and host Chris Hardwick mentioned, of course, the most recent ‘Walking Dead’ episode. Hardwick said that he didn’t have the answer, but Kirkman was quick to blurt out “I know!”

Here’s what Kirkman had to say:

“On the next exciting episode of The Walking Dead, we find out how mad fans are when they find out Negan killed Carl in the Season Six cliffhanger.  People want to know!  I’m not gonna make you wait all summer – I’m not an a–hole!”

Now, it’s a pretty safe bet that Kirkman is simply joking here – but how diabolical would it be if he was actually telling us the truth and simply presented it in a way that made it look like a joke?

Time will tell. The Season Seven premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’ should be airing this Fall on AMC.

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