The movie ‘John Carter’ doesn’t hit theaters until Friday, but Disney wants to make sure you get to know John before he even gets to Mars in this unedited, uninterrupted clip that features 10 minutes of the actual movie!

The clip is from the beginning of the film where we meet John Carter’s nephew, Edward (played by Daryl Sabara) who was left with his uncle’s personal journal after his death with the instructions that only he reads it. And so begins the tale of the fantastic journey of John Carter.

What makes this clip so enjoyable is that although the past trailers and clips have focused on the action on Mars, this one gives us a glimpse of what makes John Carter tick and how he handles himself when backed in a corner. I love the fact that this clip is an actual 10 minute excerpt straight from the beginning of the film and doesn’t contain any spoilers. Early screenings of the film have audiences raving about it and we’ll have a review of the film soon, so make sure you look for it in the coming days.

Let me know what you think of the newest clip for ‘John Carter’ and if you’re looking forward to seeing it as much as I am!

‘John Carter’ 10 Minute Scene: