‘Venom’isn’t out yet, but not surprisingly, some early response has been negative.  Some defenders are taking the stance that Marvel Studios fans are trashing it because they don’t want a movie based on a Marvel character that isn’t produced by Marvel to succeed.  Others are accusing DC fans. That’s not a thing.  Other than ‘Wonder Woman’, good luck finding anyone to praise a DC movie.



At this point, there are quite a few negative responses popping up online already.  If someone has seen it and doesn’t like it, that’s perfectly fine.  But explain this.

It appears that a certain segment of the population has taken it on themselves to torpedo ‘Venom’ before its release.  And it has nothing to do with being a Marvel Studios fan or any other sort of traditional nerd.  The culprit appears to be Little Monsters.

You see, ‘Venom’ is not the only movie opening this weekend.  Its stiffest competition is Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, the remake of ‘A Star Is Born’, which happens to costar Lady Gaga in her first film role.  It appears that Gaga’s superfans, who are dubbed Little Monsters, are taking to social media in an effort to scare folks off from seeing ‘Venom’ so that ‘A Star Is Born’ will be the #1 movie this weekend.

It’s hard to figure out which negative reactions to ‘Venom’ are real, but let’s face it, it really doesn’t look good at all.  At best, it might be an okay comic book movie (not to sound too much like Ethan Hawke).  On the other hand, ‘A Star Is Born’ is getting early Oscar buzz.  Now critical acclaim and commercial success don’t usually intersect.  But it seems the Little Monsters are trying to make that happen in this case.  If they can dissuade enough people from seeing ‘Venom’, that gives ‘A Star Is Born’ a better shot at taking the #1 spot.

Well, I’m a firm believer in making up one’s own mind.  I love some movies that others seem to hate and I hate some that it seems like everyone else loves.  But in all honesty, Sony has failed to entice me to give ‘Venom’ the time of day.

Of course, that was before I saw this glowing review:

But if you want to make up your mind for yourself, both ‘Venom’ and ‘A Star Is Born’ open this weekend.

But just for the hell of it, I’m going to leave you with this: