As a fan of ‘American Horror Story’, I was very confused when Ryan Murphy declared that they were renewed for a second season, but it wouldn’t involve anyone from the first season. Then, there were rumors that Constance, played by Jessica Lange, would be the focus of the next season, which was set to take place on the east coast.

Yesterday, it was officially announced that Lange would be returning, along with three other cast members from the first season, but they wouldn’t be returning as the same characters. The returning cast would be playing completely different characters, reminiscent somewhat of the British show ‘Blackadder’, where actors appeared in a number of seasons, but as different characters.

With that news about Lange dropping yesterday, fans were under the impression that Murphy would reveal the other three returning cast members at the opening panel of this year’s PaleyFest, but Deadline is reporting that a fourth returning cast member was announced this afternoon: Zachary Quinto.

Previously, Quinto appeared in a four-episode arc on AHS as a former owner of the Murder House, Chad Warwick. For season two, he will be one of the two male leads and act as a nemesis to Lange’s character, which will be at the main storyline of the season. Deadline seems to think that this role will draw parallels to Quinto’s breakout role as the NBC’s ‘Heroes’ villain, Syler. If so, I’m anticipating some uber evil afoot from Zachary Quinto next season.

As I mentioned, Ryan Murphy and ‘American Horror Story’ will be opening PaleyFest with their panel tonight, so stay tuned to see who else will be returning to FX’s crazy/awesome horror show next season. And before anyone gets their hopes up, it’s already been said that none of the Harmons are returning. Sorry, Dylan McDermott!

Are you guys excited to hear of Quinto’s return?