When you live with someone, it is the little things that begin to drive you crazy: laundry on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, and all the boys making eyes at your roommate. After a while, tension builds, and you start snipping at each other. Like most roommates, Bo and Kenzi go through this phase, but things get dangerous after a spider gets involved.

This is a recap, so expect spoilers!

Kenzi tries to flirt with the pizza delivery guy, but Bo’s hungry (for actual food), so she uses her persuasive charms to get the pizza for free. Bo can’t believe Kenzi was aiming for the pizza guy; Kenzi is upset Bo got in the way of her game. Kenzi wishes she had it easy with men; Bo wishes Kenzi wasn’t a slob. They have their first fight as roommates. After Bo tells Kenzi she found rat droppings in a pan, Kenzi agrees to do the dishes.

An elderly woman rants about thieves and rapists hiding. Her roommate is ready for her to shut up, so she stabs her roommate with knitting needles. The camera follows the yarn back to a ball of yarn; a spider emerges.

Kenzi is dressed as a stereotypical psychic type. She has a side venture going. Bo and Kenzi go to the victim’s home. Kenzi pretends to be shaman; the house needs to be cleansed before it can be put on the market. Kenzi hams it up. She takes a lighted stick of sage around the place, dancing and making noises. The spider sneaks into her bag.

Dyson and Hale canvass the neighborhood. The case appears simple—a week ago one elderly lady killed her roommate and then killed herself—but this is the fourth murder-suicide in three months. Dyson thinks it could be a Dark Fae, but Hale has no idea what type of Fae it could be. They see Bo’s car. Bo and Kenzi exit the house. Hale calls Kenzi out for doing a gypsy scam; Kenzi offers a 5% cut. Dyson tells Bo what happened at the house because he needs her help.

All four meet at the pub. Dyson fills Bo in. The murder-suicides have all been in confined homes within a five-mile radius. Bo agrees to find information from her Dark Fae contacts. Lauren arrives. Bo invites Lauren to sit with her and Dyson. Bo rambles; the scene is awkward. Dyson is snippy with Lauren; he does not like her. Lauren wants Dyson to come in for a physical; Dyson says she is just a human who works for the Ash. Lauren reminds Dyson that she acts on behalf of the Ash’s will. Dyson sees Lauren as someone completely obedient to the Ash. Lauren leaves. Kenzi and Hale sit at the bar. Hale knows what it is like hanging with an alpha personality; he tells Kenzi that there can be some prime seconds to be had. Kenzi reaches into her bag and gets bit. Hale searches to find the cause and finds a variety of weapons: a knife, brass knuckles, and a throwing star.

At home, Kenzi watches TV; ‘Jungle Jeeves’ is Kenzi’s “happy place.” She finds a note on the laundry from Bo asking her to fold. Kenzi picks up the basket, screams, and throws the basket. Bo enters; she picks up the laundry. Bo can’t believe how Dyson reacted around Lauren; Kenzi tells her how territorial men can be. Bo needs to stop waiting for Dyson to become emotionally available, and she doesn’t want to risk things with Lauren; although her hunger is under control, she doesn’t want her trial run to be with someone she cares about. Bo still wants Kenzi to fold.

Bo takes a shower. The spider is on the ceiling and drops down to the shower curtain. It bites Bo.

Kenzi eats cereal. She thinks she hears noises. Bo startles her. Bo wants to know when Kenzi will clean the place up. They both have headaches. Kenzi hears more noises; she acts paranoid. Bo feels “off.”

They go to Lauren. Bo is physically fine, but her emotions are on edge. Lauren thinks it is the injections; Lauren has been adjusting the dosage so she can find the right amount that will work best for Bo. Kenzi has Lauren examine her. Bo sees Lauren and Kenzi kissing; it’s a hallucination. Bo snaps out of it. Lauren thinks it could be something in their environment like mold. Bo and Kenzi snap at each other again.

Dyson and Hale work the case at the station. There are connections between the victims; they all knew each other casually. Bo arrives. She questioned her Dark Fae contacts and got a list of names of possible leads. She then asks Dyson to run a background check on Kenzi because she is acting weird and mean. She thinks Dyson tells her to kill Kenzi, but Dyson actually wants to know why she doesn’t trust Kenzi. Bo is twitchy and itchy. Bo leaves. Hale examines a piece of evidence. There is spider webbing on the evidence. Dyson remembers Bo telling him about the webs inside the latest victim’s house; Hale remembers webbing at another scene. Dyson will take the webbing to Lauren.

Lauren examines the webbing; it is not webbing from a regular spider. It has to be Fae. Since he is there, Lauren makes him stay for a physical. She asks about the therapy; Dyson won’t reveal any details. She asks about his fatigue; she wants to know why Bo is making him tired. He says that if she is close to Bo, then she can ask Bo.

Bo arrives home, still very itchy. Kenzi grabs her and tells her about finding a spider. Kenzi has the sword. Bo can’t believe Kenzi is scared of a spider. They go to the basement. There is a lot of webbing in the basement. They hear noises and run out of the room; they try to leave the house, but they think there is a brick wall when there is none.

Lauren contacts Dyson. The spider is a Djieiene, a very rare Under Fae. This nomadic Fae causes hallucinations, paranoia, aggression, and homicidal rages. It uses fear to keep its victims in the house. Lauren lists the symptoms; Dyson realizes that Bo has been infected. Lauren notifies the Ash’s head of security about the situation.

Bo and Kenzi are trapped in the house; they argue. Kenzi thinks Jungle Jeeves wants her to kill Bo. Hale enters. There is webbing everywhere. Kenzi stops him with the sword and takes his phone. Bo hits Hale with a pan because he knows about the spider. Kenzi wraps Hale in plastic to tie him to a chair. Bo and Kenzi still argue. Bo wonders why she is so angry; she realizes she is sick. Kenzi grabs a bat and runs away in terror because she doesn’t want to be Bo’s meal. Bo feeds off of Hale, but she does not kill him.

Feeling better, Bo tries to leave, but the house is under quarantine. The Ash’s head of security has isolated the house so the threat can be dealt with. Dyson arrives. He is angry that Lauren alerted security. The threat and the infected have to be exterminated because the Djieiene infects humans and Fae. Dyson knows the head of security, and she agrees to give him two hours to find a different solution. Bo calls Dyson; she is healed enough to focus. Hale wakes up; the spider bites him. Dyson tells Bo to kill the spider.

Dyson goes to Trick; Lauren is there. She called the quarantine because the creature has been responsible for numerous deaths. Trick does not know how to kill it. Back at the house, Bo has a shovel; she cuts the spider in half, but it heals. Back at the pub, Trick reads in a book that to kill the Djieiene, the heart must be found, and the Fae buries its heart. Dyson remembers Bo’s list of leads; one name gets Trick’s attention. Gordon deals with exotic items on the black market. Dyson and Lauren have to work together to help Bo, so they leave to find Gordon.

Kenzi frees Hale; she has locked Bo in the basement. Kenzi wants Hale to get her out of the house. Kenzi has a bat; Hale picks up an ax and hides it behind his back. Hale gets Kenzi to Bo’s bedroom; he wonders if he can whistle and make Kenzi’s head explode. She locks herself in Bo’s bedroom. He whistles and almost gets her to unlock the door. He stops whistling for a moment; Kenzi snaps out of his spell, backs away from the door, and covers her ears.

Dyson and Lauren bring Gordon to the pub. Trick uses a powder to make Gordon compliant. Trick realizes that the heart isn’t buried; it’s implanted. Lauren examines Gordon and hears two heartbeats.

Hale breaks the glass in the door in order to get to Kenzi. Bo has gotten out of the basement; she knocks Hale out again. Kenzi takes Hale’s gun so she can kill Bo (“Nobody kills my best friend but me”). Bo runs.

Dyson calls the head of security; he just needs a few more minutes. Gordon is on the bar. Dyson tries to tell the security woman that burning the house won’t solve the problem. Lauren cuts into Gordon and removes the heart from his chest. Lauren admires the heart. Back at the house, Kenzi shoots at Bo. Bo grabs the sword. Bo has the sword at Kenzi’s neck, and Kenzi has the gun pointed at Bo’s face. At the pub, Lauren stabs the heart. The spider dies. Kenzi is in shock that she almost killed Bo. Bo stomps on the spider’s body (just to make sure). Everyone returns to normal. Lauren calls the head of security to end the quarantine.

At Lauren’s lab, Hale, Bo and Kenzi get a clean bill of health. Hale makes Kenzi promise not to tell Dyson about kissing Bo. No one wants Hale to whistle. Dyson enters; he confronts Lauren. To him, she is inconsistent; she orders the quarantine that put Bo in danger, but she was willing to kill a man to save her. He doesn’t trust her motives; she doesn’t care because she wants Bo to trust her.

Bo and Kenzi are home. Kenzi folds laundry. The two friends make up. ‘Jungle Jeeves’ comes on; Kenzi no longer likes the show. Dyson brings over some pizza. Dyson tells Bo that he is worried because Lauren is close to the Ash, and Bo is close to Lauren. Bo doesn’t understand. Dyson doesn’t trust Lauren, but Bo does because Lauren cares. Dyson is not willing to say that he cares. He tells Bo that he will no longer provide any healing booty calls.

Bo tells Kenzi not to change. Kenzi says, “I couldn’t even if I tried.”

Dyson and Bo learned that a “friends with benefits” arrangement can get messy. He wants Bo to do as he says (not be close with Lauren), but true to Bo’s nature, she will do what she wants. This is one of the many reasons why I like Bo and this show. A lesser show would have made Bo just agree with Dyson so she could keep the man. Bo is hurt that Dyson won’t return her feelings, but she refuses to bend to his will. I really enjoyed seeing the entire main cast interact. The interactions between Kenzi and Hale are funny, and we got to see Hale more involved in the action. The love triangle between Lauren, Bo, and Dyson is a natural progression of the characters; it doesn’t feel forced. While we knew everyone was going to be fine in the end, this episode demonstrates that ‘Lost Girl’ knows how to deliver a fast-paced show filled with witty dialogue, amusing moments, and captivating characters.

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