Detective Comics #1 fourth printing variant

Just last week, DC Comics announced that their landmark ‘Justice League’ #1 was going back to the presses for a seventh printing. But that was then and this is now… this week belongs to the Batman.

DC announced today that ‘Detective Comics’ #1 is headed back for a sixth printing. The first issue from writer/artist Tony Daniel, sets the groundwork for Batman and the Joker in the rebooted New 52 universe. Other than ‘Justice League’, no other book in the New 52 has had as many printings.

Batman: The Dark Knight’ #1 will get a third printing and ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ #6 will get a second printing too. The first and fourth issues of the regular ‘Batman’ title are also headed back to the printers. ‘Batman #1 is headed for a fourth printing and ‘Batman #4 is back for a third. ‘Batman’, from writer Scott Snyder, tells the story of the Dark Knight as he battles against a shadowy group known only as the Court of Owls. The Court is rumored to have secretly run Gotham City for ages. Now they’ve set their sights on Batman and their best assassin, The Talon, is on the job.

The New 52 Batman titles have taken the Caped Crusader back to his roots. He’s no longer the “goddamn Batman” of the previous universe. In that world, he was virtually unstoppable and could take down gods even with no powers. In the New 52, Batman is fallible. He’s still the world’s greatest detective and a world-class fighter, but he does make mistakes. That’s given Batman an edge that he hasn’t had in ages.

And while Batman is the rage of the day, the other half of the World’s Finest team isn’t standing idly by. Superman gets a reprint as well. ‘Action Comics’ #1 from legendary writer Grant Morrison is also headed back for a fifth printing. ‘Action’ is set five years in the past and tells the story of a young Superman and his first days in Metropolis.

All four new printings will be on your comic shop shelves on March 28th.