Mary Harron, the writer/director of ‘American Psycho’ is returning to psychological horror again with the upcoming ‘The Moth Diaries’. ‘Moth Diaries’ is based on the 2002 novel by Rachel Klein and follows the story of teenager Rebecca as she develops an unhealthy relationship with her friend Lucy. As the story progresses, Lucy begins shoving her friend aside in favor of her fascination with new girl Ernessa. Lucy’s friendship with Ernessa turns to the dark and fantastical as Rebecca begins to believe that Lucy’s new friend may be a vampire! The question lies in whether the vampire is real or if the fantasy is all in Rebecca’s head.

In the film adaptation, both written and directed by Harron, Rebecca is played by Sarah Bolger. Bolger is most famous to genre fans from her role in ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’. Lucy (renamed Lucie) is played by Sarah Gadon (‘Total Drama Island’). Lucie’s maybe-vampire friend, Ernessa, is played by Lily Cole (‘The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus’). Cole definitely has an ethereal quality about her that could make someone believe that she’s a vamp. Her turn as the mysterious mermaid in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘The Curse of the Black Spot’ proved that she could play beautiful and deadly to the hilt.

Below are the first poster and theatrical trailer for ‘The Moth Diaries’.

While I was not a huge fan of ‘American Psycho’, the idea behind ‘The Moth Diaries’ is intriguing and very reminiscent of the classic vampire tale, ‘Carmilla’ by Sheridan Le Fanu that is, to date, one of the best bloodsucker tales ever written.

‘The Moth Diaries’, written/directed by Mary Harron, and starring Sarah Bolger, Sarah Gadon, Lily Cole, and Scott Speedman hits theaters on April 20, 2012.