Kenzi might not know what her role is yet in this new world. Is she just Bo’s friend? Is she a sidekick or a partner? Her role in Bo’s world may not be clearly defined yet, but her importance in Bo’s life is made clear in this week’s episode when Kenzi gets ill and Bo gets Lauren to help find a cure.

This is a recap, so there are spoilers.

Bo is deciding what to wear. She is meeting Lauren at a bar. Lauren, the human doctor who works for the Ash, has been helping Bo get control of her power, and Lauren wants to test Bo’s progress.

A woman makes soup. One of the ingredients is a human foot. Later, she is in bed. She wakes up screaming. Blood pours from her eyes.

Bo and Lauren are at a bar. They do shots. Bo reveals how she sees the world. She sees energy; she can measure how aroused someone is by the “heat” they radiate. Bo points out a couple and tells Lauren that the woman is more into the man than the man is into the woman. Lauren finds all of this fascinating, and she wants Bo to tell her how aroused she is. Bo refuses to say because she knows Lauren finds Bo interesting on a personal level. Bo takes Lauren’s hand; Bo sends her energy. They almost kiss. Bo is still afraid that she can’t stop herself from killing. Lauren wants Bo to stop fighting her true nature; she is a Fae, not a monster. Lauren is convinced Bo can control her urges and feed without killing.

Bo and Kenzi are at Lauren’s lab. Kenzi is not a fan of Lauren, and she doesn’t like doctors in general. Kenzi thinks doctors are con artists; she is concerned about what Lauren wants from Bo because Bo has been getting treatments for free, and in Kenzi’s world, nothing is free. Lauren has to cancel because a patient needs her help. Lauren offers to let Bo and Kenzi tag along so they can learn more about the Fae world.

The three arrive at the woman’s apartment. Lauren flashes a necklace and says she is with the Ash to gain entry. The woman is a very old Fae called an Aswang (yes, this is its name). Aswang eat dead humans; they don’t kill. Aswang can eat almost any type of human corpse, which is why the Aswang is concerned and confused. She has no idea what could be wrong. Lauren is stumped too.

In the Aswang’s kitchen, Kenzi eats some of the soup. Bo and Lauren find her and tell her what is in the soup. Kenzi spits it out and brushes her teeth. She can’t believe she is a cannibal. Lauren is not sure what caused the Aswang’s illness. If it was the soup, Kenzi will need to be watched. What makes a Fae sick might make a human sick. Lauren will go back to her lab and treat the Aswang; Bo and Kenzi are to investigate the funeral home, the source of the foot.

At the Fae pub, Trick barters with another Fae for a rare item. The male Fae wants a chain made by Dwarves, but Trick says he would never part with it.

Bo and Kenzi ask the woman in charge of the funeral home about the foot. The foot came from a victim of a hit-and-run accident, and the body was a suitable candidate for food. The woman gives Bo the address of the food source.

The home of the Aswang’s meal is a mess; someone has trashed the place. A man with a gun grabs Bo. Kenzi distracts him, giving Bo the opportunity to fight the man off of her. The man flees. Bo does not pursue because Kenzi collapses. Blood pours out of Kenzi’s eyes.

Bo takes Kenzi to Lauren’s lab. Kenzi is not a cooperative patient. Lauren has a treatment, but a treatment is not a cure. Lauren has discovered that the man had a disease and an unknown chemical in his system. To find a cure, Lauren needs to find the original source.

Bo goes to Dyson. The man had been getting a steady check from a source for a few months, but Dyson cannot get an address for the company. He asks about Bo’s attacker; she describes him, and Dyson knows he belongs to a biker gang. The two go to a biker bar, and Bo spots him. Some of the bikers try to protect the guy, but Bo subdues him, and Dyson flashes his badge, ending the fight. The guy gives up information; he was paid $500 to clean out the apartment, and he followed the man who hired him to Baron Chemical.

Bo fills Kenzi in. She wants Kenzi to “hang in there.” Dyson tells Kenzi that he will stay by her. Kenzi wants company because she is bored. Bo tells Lauren what she found out. Lauren thinks the Aswang’s meal must have been part of a drug trial that was held off the books because she tracks all drug trials to make sure the Fae aren’t in danger. Bo plans to break in to Baron, and she wants Lauren to come with her so Lauren can grab the samples she needs. Bo wants to act immediately to save Kenzi, but Lauren convinces her that impulsiveness is not the best way to handle this situation. Also, she does not want to defy the Ash. Lauren learns that Baron is flying in quality control inspectors, and she wants to impersonate one to gain access. Dyson agrees to contain the real scientist so Lauren can use her credentials. Bo will use her skills to get a job as an assistant to the randy Director of Operations.

Dyson successfully detains the real inspector. He tells Lauren that he can hold the real inspector for 24 hours. He gives her bag to Lauren so she can take her place. Dyson is surprised she is part of this type of plan. She talked the Ash into it, so she is not worried about making the leader of the Light Fae angry.

Bo uses a little of her persuasive ability to get the job as the assistant.

Kenzi wakes up. She is alone and frightened. She sees the Aswang get worse. The doctors cannot help her. The Aswang dies. Kenzi screams. She is sedated.

Bo and Lauren meet inside Baron Chemical. They need to get into Section 6. To do so, they need Bo’s boss’s ID and a recording of him saying his name. Also, security has to be dealt with. Again, Bo wants to act immediately. She wants to save Kenzi. Again, Lauren gets Bo to form a plan. Bo cannot just use her powers because leaving a pile bodies will attract too much attention. Lauren tells Bo that she has other charms she can use. Lauren’s plan will take place after hours, at 7pm; she will create a diversion in the lab that will take care of the bulk of the security problems.

Kenzi wakes up again. A Fae doctor (or nurse) draws her blood. Kenzi thinks because she is human, the Fae will not care if she gets worse. She thinks they will let the “dirty human” just die. She takes the syringe full of her blood from him and threatens to inject him. She gets his clothes and escapes.

Lauren takes chemicals from her station to help her with her plan later. To fulfill her part of the plan, Bo flirts with her boss. She sits in his lap and pretends not to know how to pronounce his name. He says it for her a couple of times. She lets him kiss her neck, giving her the chance to steal his ID.

Dyson discovers Kenzi is gone. He tells the Fae not to say anything about her disappearance to anyone. Kenzi has only hours left. Dyson leaves. He finds her at a cemetery. She is upset that he wasn’t there when she woke up; he apologizes and tells her he had to help Bo. She left because she didn’t want to die surrounded by Fae. The cemetery is a place she went as a kid. Dyson promises to take her someplace safe. He puts his arms around her and comforts her.

It is 7pm. Lauren mixes chemicals, and her presence lures a couple of guards into the lab. Lauren slips on a mask; the reaction produces a gas that puts the guards to sleep. She locks the guards in the lab.

Dyson takes Kenzi to the basement of Trick’s pub. Dyson could face charges of insubordination from the Ash, but Dyson doesn’t always take his orders from the Ash. Trick says that the Ash isn’t supposed to know Dyson takes orders from someone else. Is Dyson following Trick’s or someone else’s orders? Trick says he can give Kenzi more time, but he needs Lauren and Bo’s plan to work for Kenzi to be cured.

Bo runs into a security guard. She tries to flirt with him, but he is gay. She kisses him, and she stops. The guard is still conscious. She kisses him again. She thinks she has killed the guard, but the guard is still alive, and he pulls his gun on her. Lauren sneaks up on him and injects him with a sedative. Lauren and Bo are happy that Bo was able to kiss a human without killing him. This is major progress for Bo.

Trick barters with the male Fae from before. The item Trick wanted was expensive. Remember the Dwarven chain Trick wouldn’t part with? Trick parts with it. Trick uses it to pay for the item needed to help Kenzi live long enough for Lauren to find a cure.

Kenzi, wrapped in a blanket, gets up and finds a pouch on a table. Unable to keep her hands out of most things, she opens it. Inside is a syringe. Trick tells her to get away from the pouch; what is inside is something he hasn’t used in a long time. Trick gives her tea that will help slow the bleeding and help regain her strength.

Lauren and Bo gain access to Section 6. They don’t have to look long for the source of the disease. There is a large tank in the room. In the tank is a Basilisk. The company used its poison to make chemicals. After several tries, Bo gets a sample of the Basilisk. The company having the Fae is dangerous, so Lauren unhooks the Basilisk from life support. When the Basilisk dies, alarms go off. Lauren and Bo have to flee.

Kenzi coughs up blood. Dyson is with her. Because everyone watches Bo, no one watches her, so she sees things no one else does. She knows when Dyson helps Bo it hurts him; so she makes him promise that if something ever happens to her that he will take care of Bo, even if that means giving her up. Dyson doesn’t promise, but Kenzi’s words make him think.

Lauren finds a cure. Kenzi wakes up; it will take time, but Kenzi will be fine. Bo thanks Lauren for her help, and Lauren thanks her for getting her out of her comfort zone. There is heat between the two, and Dyson notices how they are together. He appears a little jealous. Kenzi is hungry. Trick gets her a burger, fries, and a milkshake. Bo tells Dyson that her sex life has improved because she can have sex with humans without killing them. Dyson makes a snide remark about the doctor being her first test subject. Bo asks if that would be a problem; Dyson says no. Dyson doesn’t care if she sees other people. I wonder if he actually cares, and he tells her to see other people because of what Kenzi said. Being tied up with Bo too much goes against Trick’s wishes, and Kenzi told him that being with Bo hurts him, weakens him, so letting her go might be best for him right now.

Great television shows know to focus on characters first. Characters we like, care about, and are fascinating are the ones we will invite into our homes on a weekly basis. ‘Lost Girl’ knows this rule and follows it. The character interactions are what make this episode shine. The banter between Bo and Kenzi, the moment in the cemetery with Dyson and Kenzi, and the building heat between Lauren and Bo are the important moments in the show. The plot made these moments happen; the constant forward momentum of the story made these scenes have value and emotional depth. Did I think Kenzi was going to die? No. What did surprise me was Bo’s fierce determination to save her friend. These two have quickly bonded, but I did not know to what lengths Bo would go for her friend. Now we all know how much Kenzi means to Bo. Kenzi is definitely Bo’s best friend; there is no doubt about this.

The smaller moments with Trick have made me very curious about the pub owner. Why would he go to such lengths to save Kenzi? In the pilot, he let Kenzi slip by him so she could get to Bo and help her complete the test, but I thought that was because Trick wanted Bo to survive. Does Trick understand the bond the two women have? Does he think Bo’s survival depends on her connection to Kenzi? Perhaps he thought Bo would have become distraught over Kenzi’s death and that Bo would unleash her full power out of grief. Or he just wants to make Bo happy so she will pick the Light Fae when the time comes. Whatever his motivation is, he gave up something very valuable to save a human, which many Fae would not do. Even though he wasn’t in this episode for a considerable amount of time, Trick’s actions revealed that he knows a lot about what is going on. These small moments make me want to keep my eyes on Trick.

This is the magic of ‘Lost Girl.’ The show doesn’t waste any moments; it gets mileage out of each scene, big and small.

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