At the end of ‘Venom’ #13.1, the “Fatal Four” of Venom, Ghost Rider, Red Hulk, and X-23 were racing to stop Blackhearts minions from removing the amulet that is keeping Hell contained to Las Vegas. As the battle raged, the four heroes were facing off against demons born of their greatest fears, the Antitheses. Outside of the city, Dr. Strange and Daimon Hellstrom were trying to find a way to help, but the amulet that was keeping Hell inside was also keeping them out.

As this issue opens, the heroes are slowly losing ground to their demonic counterparts. But, before any of the heroes can be finished off, the Antitheses are called off to stop the Ghost Rider. The Rider has stopped her fear and is racing to kill Blackhearts gargoyle ladyfriend. Eventually, the heroes and villains face off again with the Red Hulk coming up with the age old method of defeating enemies geared for specific heroes… switch off opponents!

As the heroes try to take out the Antitheses, they learn that switching opponents may not have been the best decision. Meanwhile, Blackheart tempts the Ghost Rider with redemption if she will remove the amulet for him. But will she? And, if she does, can the heroes stop the Hell that will be unleashed on the world?

I’ve really been enjoying Rob Williams story over the course of this ‘Circle of Four’ storyline. As a fan of horror-based superheroes, it’s nice to see a group of anti-heroes doing battle against the forces of Hell. Of course, the heroe/enemy switch-up is a little cliché, as is Blackheart’s tempting of the Rider. But clichés aside, ‘Circle of Four’ is still an action-packed fun romp through some of the Marvel Universe’s more demonic recesses.

The art this issue is from Sana Takeda who has done work on X-23 before in the character’s own series. Here, Takeda’s work give the Hellish battle an ethereal quality that compliments the spreading of the supernatural over the real world quite nicely.

Join us next week to find out the fate of the heroes and the world when “Circle of Four’ continues in ‘Venom’ #13.3!

Verdict: Buy

VENOM #13.2