Even though filming has already started, not every character in the movie has been cast. According to Deadline, the film makers have just added Nonso Anozie to the list that will appear on screen.

Anozie was last seen as Burke in the movie ‘The Grey,’ Sgt. Jefferies in ‘Nanny McPhee Returns’ and Artus in last year’s reboot of ‘Conan the Barbarian.’ He’s also been seen in an episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ as Xaro Xhoan Daxos and in the BBC production ‘Outcast.’

In ‘Ender’s Game,’ Anozie will be playing the role of ‘Sergeant Dap.’ He will be joining recently casted Stevie Ray Dallimore (‘The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2’) who will play Ender’s father and Andrea Powell (‘The Gates’) who will play Ender’s mom.  The three will be joining an Oscar connected cast which includes Ben Kingsley(who is an Oscar winner) and Oscar nominees Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin  and Viola Davis. Asa Butterfield has been cast as Ender Wiggins.

It will be interesting to see how closely Gavin Hood (who not only is directing the film but who also wrote the screenplay) will be following the Oscar Scott Card book, but the cast itself sounds stellar and with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman as producers on the film, it is easy to see that this will be a movie worth taking a look at.

‘Ender’s Game’ is slated to be released on March 15, 2013.