The war between the Autobots and the Decepticons is over, now Rodimus leads the starship Lost Light in search of the legendary Knights of Cyberton. Rodimus believes the Knights hold the key to restoring Cybertonian culture. As the crew leaves Cyberton they immediately find danger when the Lost Light accidentally teleports the ship and her crew halfway across the galaxy with a hull breach that jettisoned 40 ‘bots into space.

‘More Than Meets the Eye’ is one of 2 new Transformers books from IDW Publishing, and focuses on Rodimus and his band of legend seeking ‘bots. The other book, ‘Robots in Disguise’ features Bumblebee and the quest to restore order and civilization to Cyberton.

Rodimus and the rest of the Lost Light crew have to figure out where they have crash landed while they are searching for survivors. One of those survivors is a bot named Tailgate, and in issue #1 he was found after 6 million years at the bottom of a cave, now he’s trying to put the pieces together and figure out where he is and what is going on.

Tailgate isn’t the only unexpected passenger, of course he’s not the unwanted one, former Decepticon, Cyclonus is a stow away on the Lost Light. While his intentions are unclear one this is apparent… he means to kill Whirl.

IDW has been knocking it out of the comic book world lately, with new ‘Star Trek’, ‘G.I. Joe’, ‘TMNT’ and ‘Transformer’ books they have been putting out some great content of late. IDW’s hot streak started this summer with their first ever universe wide crossover, and has continued into 2012 with the above mentioned books plus a slew of new crossovers like ‘Star Trek’ and DC Comic’s ‘Legion of Super Heroes’ and the upcoming Star Trek: the Next Generation/Doctor Who event coming  soon.

‘More than Meets the Eye’ is filled with great writing, great artwork and some pretty amazing intrigue. If you haven’t checked out what’s going on in the land of Energon and Alt Modes then definitely check out this book. To see the other half of the story about what’s going on back on Cyberton make sure to check out ‘Transformers Robots in Disguise’ #2.

Verdict: Buy

Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #2
Written by: James Roberts
Art by: Alex Milne
Color by: Josh Burcham
Cover A by: Alex Milne & Josh Perez