Michael Chabon

At San Diego Comic-Con 2018 the ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ panel announced ‘Star Trek: Short Treks‘ and we’ve gotten new details on one titled “Calypso.” For those who had missed the news, ‘Star Trek: Short Treks will be four ‘Star Trek’ short films that will air prior to the second season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’

Each of these films will clock in from 10-15 minutes in length and focus on a different cast member from the series. They will take a look at Saru, Sylvia Tilly, Harry Mudd, and the new series Aldis Hodge is playing named Craft.

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon will be handling the introduction to this new character. He shared the details of this introduction on Instagram which you can see below:

To be honest, I probably would have said one of the above. Or at least thrown out a “live long and prosper” on my way out the door.

What are your thoughts on getting a few new short “Star Trek” films that may lead into the upcoming season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? Do you feel that the network could expand this idea into an ongoing anthology series to further flesh out the world of “Star Trek” or will this be a onetime deal? Share your thoughts below!