What does it mean to be addicted? It’s a definition as fluid as the personal afflictions, real or imagined, of those addicted. In  ‘Being  Human’, all three of our principals, at one level or another, are suffering from varying forms of addiction. Sally has her need to feel, Aidan wants to leave the vampire world behind, and Josh is obsessed with finding a cure for his full moon condition. But it may be the newest monster of the group whose newly discovered joy comes from a place no one would ever have believed to be true that provides the powerful ending for “Addicted to Love” .

“…there is nothing else in the world that feels better than giving in to your inner monster,” Aidan’s voice proclaims in the voice over. True to his words, he along with Suren sate themselves with blood and each other while Sally partakes in her own tryst, enjoying sexual pleasures by possessing Janet, with Dr. Forest’s girlfriend.

For his part, Josh is hard at work creating a rudimentary lab to begin in earnest his work on finding a cure for lycanthropy. Connor and Brynn, wanting to remain wolves 24/7, are firmly in his corner while Nora is less than pleased. The source of her anger may be the remnants from coming to terms with her condition, questioning whether Josh loves her as much as his ex Julia (he left not wanting to infect her) or something else isn’t quite clear.

Addiction, like all actions, brings its own consequences and Sally’s the first to display the negative aspects of it. Hung over from her night with the doc, she comes clean with the boys. Josh’s attention is divided as he engages his roomies while the ever observant Aidan knows Sally didn’t just have a quick ride. When she confesses the length of her possession (all day and night), Aidan and Josh are both appalled, especially the former who reminds the worn down spirit just how addicting possession is to her. Despite their concerns, Sally finds her way back into Janet’s body. A few minutes of pillow talk where Sally shares a personal story and Forest is asleep. Promising him a next time, she tries to jump out of Janet’s body with no luck. After several more attempts Sally realizes she’s trapped.

Henry in all his cockiness ignores Aidan's warnings

Taking us back to the golden days of the Halloway Hotel, Aidan tries to talk sense into Henry. Ever the professional, he’s keeping his personal feeling towards his childe at bay and advises him of Suren’s volatile and possessive nature. It’s a warning the headstrong and petulant vampire doesn’t think twice about, a dismissal that’s sure to have consequences for him and, more than likely, others.

In the present, Suren and Aidan, sated from their dining, are hugged up in bed. Before they’re able to become a bit more intimate, they’re interrupted by Mother’s arrival. She questions them on their results—or lack thereof—in culling the orphan vampires of Boston. Dismissing Aidan, Mother and daughter have an emotional conversation with much of Suren’s animosity at continually being viewed as nothing more than the daughter coming out. Mother goes so far as to question Suren’s strength, openly wondering if Aidan’s mercy and soft heart is rubbing off on her daughter.

Still unable to exit Janet’s body, Sally goes to Josh for help. He can’t do much for her though he’s a bit upset at her lying. He calls her out for what she is, a body swapping addict. Before they can go any further, Dr. Forrest comes in, reminding ‘Janet’ of meeting his mother. Sally doesn’t have much of a choice but to follow. She’s unable to get comfortable in the apartment, playing alongside a script she has no clue how to read. The script gets a bit worse when the shadowy figure, not seen by Sally in weeks, makes its appearance. Rightfully terrified, she backs away, oblivious to Forrest’s questions. When the shadow attacks, it hurls Janet’s body against the wall, simultaneously expelling Sally from Janet.

Still a bit off after her meeting with Josh and the twins, Nora’s day gets even more interesting when her ex Will, the one responsible for her scars, shows up at the hospital. When Josh comes across the two he’s livid, believing Nora is okay with Will’s appearance. Part of his anger revolves around the full moon but a bigger part is the man responsible for causing his girlfriend pain is unscathed. Like the devil on his shoulder, Connor (with Brynn alongside him) relates to Josh’s anger. He hints at what he’d do if it’d been someone he loved. It’s enough to propel Josh to Will’s work site. Offering no mercy, Josh puts a major beating on the bastard and nearly finishes it with a 2×4 but Nora gets there just in time to save Will and, more importantly, Josh from becoming something he’d hate in the morning.

Aidan and Josh are at home when a dazed Janet comes knocking. Josh at first thinks Sally is still trapped in the body until their ghostly roomie appears on the steps. Janet begs for their help, seeing this house and Sally’s death in her dreams; she tells them it’s coming for her before Josh kicks her out. Not wanting to face the consequences any more than necessary, Josh tells Sally to leave it alone. For his part, Aidan gives Sally the encouragement to work it out, whatever that may be. Josh interjects, Aidan tells him it’s not up to Josh to make Sally stop. It touches a part of Josh who then goes to see Nora. His fear lies in whether Nora has any lingering feelings for Will. She denies any residual feelings exist and tries to remind Josh who he is; he’s not the violent and angry type. He’s the good guy, the guy she loves. It calms the beast side of his bubbling towards the surface as the full moon approaches.

Mother’s visit has really shaken Suren’s confidence. She’s harsher with Aidan than she’s ever been but it’s her fear of being put back in the ground again that’s driving her agitation. She pleads for Aidan’s help and he provides it; admitting to an orphan vampire’s nest. Another flashback and the catalyst for Suren’s punishment is revealed. She catches Henry with another woman who Suren kills in a jealous rage in front of the party goers. It forces Mother’s hand and she orders the death of all human witnesses. Before he joins the party, Aidan dismisses Henry, warning him to never come back to Boston. After all humans are dead, Aidan watches on as Suren is carried away to be punished…interred in the ground for a century.

Sally takes Aidan’s advice and her own conscience to apologize to Janet. She’s stunned when she sees the woman’s scribbles of the shadowy figure, a figure which Janet gives the name of Reaper.

On her way to the storage unit, Nora is stopped by Brynn. She knows the newly turned Nora has questions, those she will gladly answer. Nora admits to watching Will nearly every night, the new power in her, calling for release and taking its revenge on him. She’s never felt anything so strong…Brynn tells her it’s the wolf, clawing to the surface but Nora keeps pushing it down. Unlike Josh, Nora has be counting down the days to the next full moon and openly wonders if the wolf is damaged like her. “She just wants to run free,” Brynn tells her. Juxtaposed with their conversation is Will, alone at his work site. Hearing strange noises he ends up surrounded by three werewolves before they attack, tearing him apart.

Aidan and Suren search the safe house but find nothing. When they separate, Henry comes from the shadow. Though they last parted in anger, Aidan cannot hide his longing and pride his childe has survived all these years. He orders Henry back in the shadows though, protecting him from Suren.

Josh awakens in the storage unit alone, unlike Nora. Naked, bloodied—not hers—and flanked by the sleeping twins, she offers a contented smile. She’s found her place, a revelation just as surprising to her as it will be for Josh.

Out of the major players, Nora would have been the last person I would’ve expected to embrace her inner monster. Though he may be a douche, Connor’s earlier words to Nora ring true. Her continual anger at Josh’s focus on discovering a cure was never about wasted time or false hope; instead it was her own inability to come to terms with her own fears that he would be successful. It’s not until she lets her walls down to the an improbable possibility of not wanting the cure for herself that Nora ultimately comes to accept her condition. The dynamics of Nora embracing her animal side will put her and Josh on opposite sides of the coin. How will Josh deal with Nora accepting the very nature he’s loathed since the beginning? His fears about the wolf’s power and influence have come to fruition–Nora has killed. Will Josh be able to accept Nora’s decision to become one with her other self or will he fight her tooth and nail to change things? We have half a season to find out where they go from here but my guess is that it won’t be hugs and puppies any time soon.

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