When news hit that ‘Smallville’ would continue on in comic book form, fans of the show rejoiced knowing that they haven’t seen the last of Clark and the gang. Not much information was given at the time, only that the comic books would continue where the series left off. Now we know more as writer Bryan Q. Miller has revealed what readers can expect when the comic book hits the shelves in April.

Miller promises that he’s going to do “everything (he) can to keep the look and feel of the comic as true to the spirit of the show”  and the writing will still maintain the same mannerisms and personality that Tom Welling gave Clark on television.

While writing the series, Miller confesses that there were different ideas how the TV series could have ended.

“We also had a flash-forward to seven years later at the very end of the series. Brian and Kelly ended the show the way they wanted to, and that’s still how the story ends. (The comic book series) is a glimpse into the first year of those seven.”

So what will be the direction of ‘Smallville Season 11?’ Here’s what Miller had to say:

“Season 11 is about all of our players transitioning into the next phases of their lives. Work, love, heroics and villainy all play a part in how they’re settling into a very “Look! Up in the sky!” world. The season premiere, as all of ours historically have, sets up not only the plot-journey for the year, but what everyone’s personal struggles will be… and Clark’s at our center for that. He’s how we’ll process that information. He’s Superman now. No more hiding in the shadows in a black trench coat or a red jacket. He gets to shake hands with the people he saves. He likes flying. He’s transitioning from seeing his abilities as a burden to seeing them more as a job. And he loves his work.”

So expect to see more of Lois, Chloe, Oliver/Green Arrow, and Lex Luther!

“Lex might not have memory of his life before the finale, but he still has his instincts and something tells him he can’t trust Superman, regardless of how much good he’s doing. He watched Superman push a planet out of our orbit — which means there’s someone among us with the power to push a planet out of orbit. That doesn’t sit well with Lex. He sees Superman as a potential terrestrial threat, and is deeply entrenched in the xenophobia bandwagon brought on by Contact. Lex has transitioned Luthorcorp to Lexcorp, and he’s doing everything in his power to help the world protect itself from threats beyond the stars.”

And just like on TV, classic DC characters will also make an appearance this season:

“We’ll get a slightly new twist on a pretty big Superman villain from the comics in the premiere (which runs the first 12 weekly chapters). After that, the second episode spends quite a bit of time introducing Superman to a very popular member of the DC family — something tells me it will (hopefully) go over well. Beyond that, some returning allies and some new enemies, all around.”

All in all, Miller promises ‘Smallville Season 11’ will be much bigger in scope than the tv series:

“Storytelling-wise, Season 11 episodes are — bigger. Each episode is more like a mega-episode, or a TV movie that continues the “Smallville” saga. If you’re going to buy a chapter each week, I’d like you to feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth by the time each mega-sode ends. If you’re picking it up collected in print issues, you’re going to get a substantial read every month.

My hope is that people who’ve never read a Superman comic before (or maybe even any comic, which is probably a fair number of the show’s audience) check Season 11 out, then decide to give more comics a chance — whether they’re in an app or at their local comic shop. By the same token, I hope lapsed viewers or people who have never seen the show read the book, and then are inspired to take a look back at the series.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m more excited about season 11 than ever before! To read the full interview, head over to Comic Book Resource.

‘Smallville: Season 11’, by Bryan Q. Miller and Pere Perez, premieres digitally April 13 with the first print edition hitting stores May 16.