We knew once the finale of ‘American Horror Story’ had aired that producer Ryan Murphy was going to take the series to a new location with a new cast. Now we know where the second season will be taking place and who will (as well as won’t) be in the cast!

Murphy was a guest on last night’s Bravo show ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and dished about the show. In a segment called ‘Plead the Fifth,’ he was asked if Jessica Lange will make an appearance to which he answered, ’Yes.’ He goes on to say in the after show that he’s “in negotiations with four of the people who were on last year’s show, and none of them were the Harmons.”  He continued to tease the viewers by mentioning that the next chapter of the story will take place on the East Coast in a “horror institution.”

Well, we already had a feeling that the Harmons would not be coming back but now it has been truly confirmed by Murphy himself so that rules out Connie Britton (Vivien), Dylan McDermott (Ben), and Taissa Farmiga (Violet) for a return. And since Zachary Quinto (Chad) is busy with ‘Star Trek 2’ (aka the untitled ‘Star Trek’ reboot sequel) and Francis Conroy (Moira) may have a series on her own in the form of ‘Beautiful People’, they may not be available for filming either. That still leaves many more possibilities. We still don’t know for certain if Jessica Lange will be returning as a new character or if she will be reprising her role as Constance. If it’s the latter, then that would be a great way to bring back Evan Peters who played Tate on the show. Since negotiations with the other four actors have not been finalized yet, Murphy was unable to let the viewers know who exactly will be returning.

As for the setting, a “horror institution” really could mean anything from a mental institute to a hospital. If you recall, Murphy did say that the setting and secret to Season 2 was hidden in the ‘Birth’ episode so it may be time to rewatch that one!

Clips from the interview with Ryan Murphy:

So, AHS fans, it’s now time to post your theories on who will be returning and what “horror institution” you think they will all be to in the comments below!