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There was a swirl of rumors dropping that The Duffer Brothers were on their way to depart from their smash hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things‘ after the third season which thankfully appear to be wrong. It was easy to wonder who could carry the torch if Matt and Ross Duffer did indeed depart the show, but that doesn’t look to be a concern after all thanks to a “high-ranking sources close to the brothers.” Outside of Shawn Levy, there hasn’t been anyone as invested in the creative process as the brothers and they’ve been the driving force behind the series being created in the first place. Not only that, but they’ve repeatedly stated that they were there for the series until the end.

Last summer Ross Duffer stated that:

“In terms of exact number of seasons we’re not sure, but I know that Matt and I wanna stick with it and just sort of finish it out. But again we don’t want to linger too long; we just want to tell the story that we want to tell and get out. Hopefully, people are like, ‘I want more!’ and that’s great, but that’s sort of how we want to leave it. In terms of spinoffs, I don’t think we’ve gotten that far. Because for us it’s really just about focusing on this story and just getting it done.”

Not only that, but Levy went on to say:

“There is no succession plan. There’s no like, ‘Oh the Duffers are gonna pull back.’ It’s a tiny creative team that makes this show, it’s predominantly this twinship that makes this show, and luckily for us and fans of the show, they’re being offered movies every week but they love this thing they’ve created, they know the value of it. To get to create a world of characters that the rest of the real world embraces, you’re lucky if you get that once in a career. They’re young, but they’re also smart enough to know that, that it’s a gift. It’s not like we’re grooming someone that we’re gonna hand the show off to, it’s us, and we’re in it, and it’s because we still love it. We’ve got a lot of story left.”

Thankfully, the insider mentioned above stated that they had no plan to leave so we don’t have much of a concern here. While anything from fatigue to wanting to start new products could potentially drive the pair away from the series, it thankfully doesn’t seem to be the case.

Do you think that Levy could put together a creative team to take over ‘Stranger Things’ if the Duffer Brothers did end up leaving? Would you be okay with the show not continuing without its original creators? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider