Last week on ‘True Blood’, we saw how Tara is dealing with her new life as a vampire, swearing to Sookie and LaFayette she will never forgive them for what they did to her. Sam and Luna split, because of Luna’s temper, but much to her horror she finds out that Emma is a wolf after all. We saw the beginnings of Pam before she was a vampire, with her history with Eric. Bill and Eric fight for their lives with the Authority. Jessica and Jason continue to working out their relationship bounds, even with Hoyt still in the sidelines. There is a lot going on already, only a few episodes into this season, and I don’t think the momentum is going to end with tonight’s episode. This is a recap, so their are spoilers ahead.

Tara wanders, healing from the holy water sprayed on her. She notices how different things look with her new powers of vampire. She notices the heartbeat of a possum and every star in the sky. Sookie and LaFayette chase after her, but her speed of vampire makes it easy for her to lose them. A woman fixes a flat tire on the side of the road, noticing Tara asks her for help. She tries to reason with Tara but she attacks anyway. But before she can bite, she catches her reflection in the cars windshield. She apologizes and runs away.

Bill and Eric continue to sit in front of the council, who continue to fight over the news of Russell Edgington breaking through the concrete. The Guardian ends it, saying he will take it all into advisement. He then turns and talks to Bill and Eric about how he disapproves of Russell. He doesn’t want Russell to continue tainting what he has worked so hard for with the socialization of vampires. It is revealed that Steve Newlin is the new Nan Flannigan.

Sookie goes to Pam, about Tara, but Pam tells her to wait, and that Eric is missing. Sookie tries to reason with her about finding Tara, but Pam tells her to leave or she’ll drink her dry, shoving her into a table. Sookie uses her fairy powers to blast Pam back, walking out after she does so.

Sam clears brush away on his trailer, picking up a strange scent. He comes across Tara, who is crying in the bushes. “Help me. I’m hungry.”

Steve Newlin is briefed on what is going on with the Russell Edgington. He says that people just want to feel safe, and that if the Guardian tells him what to tell the population he’ll sell it. The Guardian is not happy with his response, reminding Steve that the vampires were birthed into existence because of humans. Steve is the mainstreamer with a friendly face who can work a crowd.

Bill and Eric are equipped with devices to keep them in line.

Sookie and LaFayette talk about Tara as they try to clean up the house. Sun will be up soon, Sookie hopes she’ll go to ground someplace safe. In Merlotts, Tara drinks as much blood as she can, only True Blood. She refuses to talk to Sookie or LaFayette, but before she can tell Sam why she passes out because the sun rises.

Debbie Pelt’s parents go to see Andy Bellefleur after he was humiliated on the internet by Holly’s sons.

Arlene confronts Terry about Patrick. She’s scared for what is going on with him and Patrick. He doesn’t want to lie to her, and tells her as much as he can. All he tells her “I’m going somewhere with Patrick, and we’re leaving right now.” He doesn’t tell her anything further, and Arlene tells him to not expect her to be there when he gets back. Arlene locks LaFayette out of the bathroom when he tries to talk to her as Sookie goes to talk to Sam about Tara. He lies to her about Tara, but Sookie reads his mind to find out Tara is in the walk in. Sam understands why Sookie did what she did. Sookie thanks him for keeping her safe.

Pam continues to dream of 1905, showing off her brothel to Eric. He tells her she was the one he came to see. Bill and his maker keep draining her working girls, so Eric goes to stop them. Eric is able to stop Bill and Lorena, showing how much older he is than Bill. But this dream is a reminder for Pam to take care of Tara. Lorena bows out to Eric, taking Bill with her. She has to teach him to take control, and to keep him under control. Pam says she has a debt to settle with Eric, who kisses her. In her coffin, Pam cries.

Earlier, Jason runs into one of his teachers at the store. She invites him back to her place, where they talk a little about their history. She felt she took advantage of him. She apologizes to him, but Jason doesn’t think it was a mistake. He seduces her again. Afterwords, he realizes that what he did was a mistake. Walks out, telling her goodbye.

Debbie Pelt’s parents go to to Alcide about her car found in Bon Temps. They knew they had a fight, but Alcide told her that abjured her. She had gone back on the blood and running around on him. Her father fights with him, but Alcide tells them he doesn’t know anything. Andy goes to talk to Sookie about Debbie. Sookie tells him they weren’t friendly, but Andy is persistent in their conversation. Andy then talks to Holly. LaFayette overheard the conversation, panicking that they will go to jail. Holly apologizes to Andy about her sons pictures of him on Facebook. Andy then asks if they can take the step to the next level in their relationship, which she accepts.

Bill goes to talk to the woman of the council, whose name is Salome. They speak of her history as a vampire. It turns out she has a thing for Bill, that she has been tracking his political career for quite some time. She loves his heart, that he still lets it rule him. She wants to help him, because something in him moves her and in over two thousand years she’s learned to listen to that.

Jessica goes to buy a dress for Jason. Tracy leaves the dressing room to take care of a customer. Jessica smells him, saying he smells awesome and goes chasing after him. She traces the scent to a field. She can smell him everywhere.

Hoyt goes to Fangtasia, where Pam recognizes him. Pam tries to warn him from going in, but he goes in anyway. Pam then flashes back to before she was a vampire, in bed with Eric. She asks him to make her a vampire, that she’s not afraid. She tells him that she’ll be a pariah, she’ll die alone in the dark. She begs Eric to change her over, but it angers him, causing him to leave. “Becoming a maker is a lifetime commitment. Deeper than any marriage or any human bond” Pam cries in the corner, cutting her wrists. “Let me walk the world with you Mr. Northman, or watch me die.” He draws his fangs, turning her. In the present, Pam smiles at Eric’s throne.

Eric goes to see Salome. She has him sit in her private quarters, where the room is swept free of bugs. He had surprised her, she surprises him by knowing Nora is his sister. Salome knew Godric. Salome tells him there is a choice when it comes to Nora’s execution. She was Nora’s sponsor in her chancellorship. Salome also can tell that Eric is still wounded from Sookie, seducing him. Nora is tortured for her crimes, being injected with silver. The woman torturing her knows she did it for love, but she doesn’t know for who.

There is rapid tapping at Jason’s door, and Jessica stands there. But at first Jason rejects her advances, then eventually agreeing to it, but then deciding that he doesn’t want to do it after all. He tells Jessica of the teacher, and he doesn’t know how to deal with what he’s feeling. Jason tells her he doesn’t know how to be friends with a girl. Jessica tells him she’s going to put on sweats and they’re going to talk.

Arlene goes into the walk in freezer, where Tara wakes up. The dream ends, and Tara wakes up to LaFayette trying to give her True Blood, but she cuts him. Sookie is confronted by Alcide about Debbie, who still doesn’t know about what happened. Tara almost tells what happened, saying she’s angry for turning her into a monster. Alcide realizes something happens, walks out.

Bill and Eric talk about how they both had time with Salome. They wonder what she wants. The elevator door opens to a squad waiting for them. The Guardian goes to talk to Salome. Nora confessed. He tries to convince her that Mainstreaming is working. She fears for him, but he calls her his secret weapon.

Arlene waits impatiently for LaFayette. In anger for some things she says, he dumps bleach in the pot of gumbo. He stops before it is served. Outside, Sookie tells Alcide what happened with Debbie and Tara. Alcide was more angry that Sookie had no plans to tell him. Sookie begs him to tell her if he is going to tell anyone, but he walks away.

Tara wanders the streets of Bon Temps, coming across a salon with a tanning booth. She puts herself inside of the UV Ray booth, turning it on. Pam senses what she is doing.

I think of all the storylines I’m most interested in this season is Bill and Eric, with their involvement with Russell Edgington. I cannot express how excited I was when I heard that he was going to be back this season, because I felt he was just such a powerful and interesting villain. I hope he is put in to play more.

Which storyline are you following the closest? What do you think of Pam and Tara, do you think they will ever have a bonding relationship as Maker and Vampire?

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